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I was just looking at the GENERAL GEOCACHING DISCUSSIONS page and happened to notice that this forum has the fewest topics and replies with the exception of CACHE IN, TRASH OUT. We probably have the fewest people interested in this section which is ok with me.


On the other hand, I can count on my fingers how many posts I've made on that side of the "wall". I almost have this as my home page. I sure do like the SURVEYING 101 discussions. In fact, some of this stuff has carried over into SURVEYING 201! Hey, I love it and appreciate all the inputs from you fine people.


Sheez, I must be getting soft in my old age... :o

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It's kind of interesting. I found out about Geocaching back in the spring of 2001. Although I have not been active in either the discussion forums or even hunting caches or benchmarks (I only have 4 BM finds, and all were in a 2 day period:)) I also only have 21 cache finds (most of which were in the past month). I do find benchmarks to be more interesting, especially in the discussion side. I only have a handfull of posts, but most so far have been in the Benchmark forum.

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Renegade Knight said: “”It probably doesn't hurt that Benchmarks don't need approvals, archiving and are not owned by any one person. The NPS isn't going to ban them and so forth. “”


It has nothing to do with the NPS and benchmarks don’t need approval or archiving, it has to do with forum posters respecting each other and very little flame wars, You have had twice as many warns given to you personally than the entire Benchmark forums section has placed on posters not complying with the forum guidelines . Only two warns have been given out here in the last year, and why, its simple the posters are nice and post that way.


I hope this helps you understand what deference if makes when everyone plays nice, and tries to be helpful.


Tennessee Geocacher // Reviewer // Moderator // Geocacher // Benchie

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...It has nothing to do with the NPS and benchmarks don’t need approval or archiving, it has to do with forum posters respecting each other and very little flame wars,...

Benchmarkers are not "Better" people than the rest of the geocaching grunts, and vice versa. However my original comment is valid about the lack of controversial topics to be had here. Now if there was a Garmin and Magellan Bechmark detector you might see some Ford vs. Chevy action here. Another factor is that the community is smaller. That's not something I had thoght of at first I do think it plays a role.

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I suspect there are a number of things that go into the general civility we enjoy here. One is that many of us come here with an attitude of wanting to learn, which implies some level of humility. I think we appreciate the pros who are willing to share their knowledge and experience, and I'd guess that our teachers enjoy an appreciative audience.


Another factor I'm thinking of I find hard to put into words. Compared to caching, at least, benchmarking is a subtler experience. It tends to take a refined palette, and perhaps a relatively mature personality. I think most of the sort that enjoy a good flame would be bored to tears here...and that works just fine for me!

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