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Geocaching Goes To War

Capt Prozac

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Sarge was in one of my wifes caches in ohio, Infestation. I seem to remember that his goal was to--Current GOAL: Sarge doesn't have any goals. He's a soldier. All he wants is to get out of the military and really see the world. He needs a new mission. Help him out.

Well it seems sarge is getting to see the world.

It's cool to see TBs go so far! Just make sure you bring sarge back in one piece!

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Good to hear from you. I apologize if you sent an email to my hotmail account. Unfortunately the military has hotmail blocked so I can't access any of my geocache emails. I am trying to get more flags over here for you to place in the Enduring Freedom geocache. I'll send them to you when I return. Unfortunately, I am not flying on this deployment but I spoke to some Marine pilots and they can get flags airborne with them on some combat missions. It's hot here but everyone is really motivated. All the Iraqis we run into are very supportive and they keep coming up and thanking us. I must admit though I haven't been to any of the rough spots.



Capt Prozac

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