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Travel Bugs


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Travelbugs (sometimes called hitchhikers or travelers) are items that are intended to travel from cache to cache. They are not to be kept by the finder...only moved on to another cache. Some have a mission (maybe visit a certain location or just travel cross country). By attaching a numbered travelbug tag, finders can log the progress of the travelbug online.


More info can be found HERE




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TB's are one of the very interesting activities in Geocaching.


You can take any object from a beanie-baby to a baseball to a book to a toy soldier to a let-your-imagination go wild and crete a web page and a mission that is unique to the TB.


If you are a baseball fan , you might create a baseball TB and have as it's mission to be signed by baseball players with a picture. Some TB's want to travel to certain locations or be filmed in certain contexts.


The TB is placed in a cache and is picked, its mission advanced and then placed back in another cache.


The TB's web page keeps track of all the activity.



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Originally posted by Wetrackride:

what purpose do they serve?


WHAT PURPOSE? bad_boy_a.gif


To travel. What other purpose is there? TBs travel, it's their raison d'etre. As Chipper3 wrote, TBs have goals ... or not. If you look at the "Track Travel Bugs" page, then you can look at some of them and see their stories. Some have colorful histories. Some TBs have no pictures sad.gif but each TB's story is unique.

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