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Garmin 60cs

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I can download the waypoints to a program on my computer but I cannot get it to download to my gps. it says it is connected and I am using a usb cable I have tried gsak the newest version and and I think something called ez geocache any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I use the free version of EasyGPS; the current version, 1.3.7, supports the 60cs. Best of all, the hints I type into the comments section download into the 60cs' geocache notes section, so you can virtually go paperless in the field.

My primary complaint with EasyGPS is the burdensome effort to switch between the units you use. You gotta switch between the units to download waypoints. Just a minor inconvenience that's greately off set by the program's other features, the best of which is that its free.

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i've just downloaded easy gps from the main site but it doesn't list the 60c? the nearest is map76. do i use that or do i need to download from somewhere else?


From "main site", do you mean the GC site or the EasyGPS site? The GC site offers the 1.2.2 version.

Double check the version you downloaded: click the "Help" drop down box in EasyGPS, then click on "About EasyGPS..."; it should say 1.3.7.

You can download 1.3.7 here.


In 1.3.7, the 60cs will show right before the 76.

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GSAK rules!


I tried out GSAK and EasyGPS when I first joined in 1/04. As a newbie, EasyGPS was much more user friendly. But the main reason I stuck with EasyGPS was the pretty printouts it would generate for me. Using a high quality laser printer at work, I could generate a printout of about 120 caches on one page, each line listing the cache's common name, waypoint designation, coords, and a comment's entry of about 40 characters (i.e. hints). At the time GSAK could not match this; if it could, I never figured it out (see aforementioned user friendly comment.)

Maybe it's offered now, but I have remained faithful to EasyGPS. I have only a few complaints, but no regrets.

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