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Garmin Etrex Rubber Seal

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After 18 months of use, the rubber sealing gasket around my eTrex legend is coming away. It started at the little flap over the external power connector, which tore - now it has peeled off about halfway around the unit. I am using rubber bands to hold it in place, but is there any recommendation for some suitable adhesive to reattach it?


I am not overly concerned about waterproofing - I don't take the GPSr swimming with me.



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The same thing happened to mine! The glue used is very sticky and gooey....It is also hard to remove from both the unit and the rubber seal....around the unit is a clear seal which should not be removed as this provides damp protection...I cleaned mine with meths or a solution that will remove all the residue glue...be careful not to stretch the rubber as it will not fit properly afterwards...putting it in the fridge helped shrink it back..use contact adhesive (EvoStik) on both body and rubber, not where the buttons touch! Allow to dry for ten minutes and then reassemble!!! Press together firmly..


It is a pain...the glue just can't handle extreme temps!!! 60CS has solved the problem!


Voila.....it worked for mine but I still had to re-do the job later.

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I repaired mine as well. I used isopropyl alcohol to remove all the sticky gunk from both the band and the unit. As the other poster said, don't remove the clear band! I decided to use ½inch Scotch Photo & Document double-sided acid-free tape. Unlike some double-sided tape, one side has a protective cover, which makes it much easier to work with. I cut and applied it to the side of the unit in 2 inch strips, leaving the cover paper in place. You don't have to cover every inch of the surface. I didn't bother trying to put tape between the buttons, for example.


To replace the band, I first turned it inside-out. The bottom has a notch cut out of one edge, to accommodate the strap hanger. That's the easiest place to start, since it's so simple to line up. I took all the protective covering paper off the tape strips. With the band still inside-out, I pressed the bottom of the band to the bottom edge of the unit, lining up the notch. Then I just worked up the sides, evenly. Don't stretch the band when putting it on! It's not a tight fit, so if you stretch it, it'll be way too loose at the top.

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I don't work for Garmin so I can't guarentee this but...


My feeling is that Garmin knows this to be a problem. Everyone who I know that has sent their Etrex in for repair has had it returned at no charge.


In addition many folks get an update of all the firmware and new glass over the display put in.


You might want to give them a quick call on Monday.


Also even though they quote many days for return I know that most folks get their units back within a week.

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I got the same problem just after 5 months of use! Not good idea to leave your Legend inside car during sunny day :)

I send it to Garmin Intl., they didn't repair anything but send me back new unit. It took 8 days (send Tuesday and received Wednesday next week).

Thanks for fast and no-charge service. Anyway, I'm little bit dissapointed about using not-heat-resistant glue for outdoor unit...

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The only way you can tell for sure would be to look at the serial numbers of the one you sent in versus the one you received.


My first return to Garmin, the serial number was only 30,000 units higher and I assumed that given the time period (over 9 months) that this was a refurbished unit.


The second time I sent in, the serial number of the one received was lower than then one I sent in......definately refurbished?



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Well, the difference between S/N of my first unit and second one is more than 7mil (new unit has higher S/N). Is it possible that Garmin can manufacture over 7mil. new units (Legend) in 5 months?

Actually, I really don't care, if I have new unit or refurbished one. The only problem I have is that PAGE button works little bit hard. You can't hear that "click" sound. My first Legend didn't have problems with that.

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