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My preorder experience with AdvancedBPS.com :(

Guest DeanONH

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Guest DeanONH

My preorder experience with AdvancedBPS.com icon_frown.gif



On 2/14/01, I preordered a Garmin eTrex Vista from the secure web site of AdvancedGPS.com and received email confirmation and credit card validation back the same day. AdvancedGPS said that they would email me for approval to ship when they received their Vistas. At that time the scuttlebutt on the street had the Vista scheduled for mid to late March.


On 3/5/01, I emailed AdvancedGPS wanting to know whether I was high enough in their preorder queue to assure me a Vista from their initial shipment. AdvancedGPS replied "We still have a few left that have not been allocated yet, so you are in good shape!". So far, so good!


As time rolled on through March, the street scuttlebutt had shifted the Vista delivery day to the second week in April. Gettin' close!


At 1:04am on 4/4/01, I received, by email, "Garmin eTrex Vista - February PreOrder Automated Confirmation" asking for permission to ship and bill my credit card. They also invited me to add any accessories to my order.


At 4:57am on 4/4/01, less than 4 hours later, I approved the shipment and billing. I added a PC cable w/ cigarette adapter. I also included my phone number and asked to be called if their were any questions. The fun's about to begin...


Three days later, 2:08am, 4/7/01, I received the following email: "Hi, it has been so long since the order was placed that our system has automatically deleted your cc info. Can you please resend it via 2 separate emails? Thanks!" The section between the quotes is the complete email text. Does anybody really email their credit card information? No phone call during the 3 days. I tried calling the numbber on the web site, at my expense, and the phone was answered by machine with no capability to leave a message. I emailed back saying to please call me....; no phone call.


On 4/0/01, I get the following email. "Your credit card number is not lost. As I explained, the order was placed so long ago that our system automatically deleted it for security purposes. This is for your own protection. Do you really want your cc info to sit around indefinitely in cyberspace? Regardless, we will ship your order once we can get billing information - unless you would like to cancel, which we will be happy to do also. Please just let us know how best to complete your order. Thank you, Sincerely, Kim, AdvancedGPS" No phone call. They say they are trying to protect my credit card, but asked me earlier to supply it by email.


I find AdvancedGPS to be somewhat lacking as many etailers are. The order was for over $330, I think a phone call was justified and could have easily solved this problem.


I suppose I should feel lucky to have found out the true nature of the AdvancedGPS. I wonder how they would have responded to a real problem?


This is just my experience with an etailer.




(. .)


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