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Corrections Requiring Ngs Input

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That is a great Idea, But this forum is barely noticed by the moderators and the NGS forum has no Moderators. This Forum is supposedly moderated by Tennessee Geocacher but he recently became a talking head! (Max Cacher) So what would seem true, is not necessarily true.


You may be beginning to see that we are a bit off in a corner of geocaching that does not see much Hot stove action... Getting something done takes a lot more than it seems like it should. There are no active benchmark hunters which have any administrative control here and few who do pay much attention, even when ideas are put forth or when help is requested. If that makes their ears burn, Good show! :-)


The current crop of pinned topics is pretty stale. 2 of the 4 could likely be ok to un pinned now that there is an NGS Forum. The Rockhounders thread is the most valid to remaining pinned. I have felt two threads could be created and pinned. One, a link to the Benchmark Hunting FAQ Page, which would help newcomers read up on the basics before they ask, and one to the NGS Forum so people have easy access to a finding it, which is a place which was meant for NGS discussions as well as a more technical discussion. But getting that thread moved and pinned and such, achieved in reality is another story.


Great Idea though, It will likely remain as it is. I suppose I am fickle and I don't count on too much. I have my reasons. We will have to have a laugh over this in about three months time!

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