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Magellan Roadmate 700


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I am new to this GeoCaching sport and started research on buying a device for this. I saw this "Magellan Roadmate 700" and kind of liked it. Want to buy it so that I can use it in my Car.


I appreciate if somebody advice me if this can be used as a portable device for finding Caches or do I need to buy different unit for GeoCaching?


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.



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I've never seen a Roadmate, but a review of the product page at Magellan raises these issues:


1. At 13 oz, it's a bit on the heavy side (the Meridian comes in at 8 oz.)

2. More important, it appears to require external power...I don't see that it can be powered by batteries. The Magellan site says that there are 2nd party power sources available, but they don't sell them themselves. Add that as more weight.


I don't think I'd recommend the Roadmate for handheld use...not from what I can see on paper, anyway.

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The Roadmate 700 is absolutely awesome for the car. I have used it for about a year now, and would buy it again if something happened to mine. I cant say enough good things about it.

However, definately not for geocaching. You can't put in waypoint. I would recommend a small handheld like a garmin legend or vista (IMHO).

Good luck.

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