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City Select Install Problem

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I have purchased a Quest---uninstalled all Mapsource programs and rebooted. I install the quest setup disk and then am prompted to install disk 1---all goes well until it prompts for disk 2.. It then gives a message that "install correct volume in drive E"---there are options to cancel, retry and when clicking on all options, the pc locks up to the point where control-alt-delete will not let you exit.


Any suggestions?

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that happened to me as well.

Second attempt, I waited for the CD to completely "spin down" then inserted disk 2. without hitting the cancel or retry buttons, I grabbed and moved the "wrong volume" warning box from on top of the "insert disk2" box and hit the "OK" button there.

The "wrong volume" box remained throughout the reading of disk2 then went away when it prompted for and I reinserted disk 1.


It was really annoying,but managed to get it installed with a bit of trial and error.


On a related note, I went through 2 sets of City Select with install errors claiming to have " .cab file corrupt". I retried in a different cd drive and it worked. Same thing when I upgraded so I switched drives again then encountered the "wrong volume" trouble.


Kind of glad that it's not just me.


Hope this helps

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