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What Topics Would You Like To See Pinned?

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I've noticed on a lot of other forum segments that the group determined there was a need to have a topic Pinned(or made Sticky in some forum languages) to the top of the list. See any of the General Geocaching Discussion forums for examples of Pinned.


I see a clear need for a couple of pinned topics, but would like to have everyone's input before we ask our kind forum admin for help in consolidating and pinning the topics to the beginning of the GPS and Ham Radio forum.


Here is my beginning list of topics that need to be pinned. Please add to and discuss and vote and...


1. Any Ham Radio Operators Here?


2. What do you use, Pts I, II and III - Consolidated into simply What Do You Use?


3. FRS/GMRS, Rules, Units, Use . Not just this topic, but it's an example.


4. How to get your Amateur Radio License


It's not that I don't enjoy all of the activity here, but I find myself hesitating and counting to 10 every time someone posts and asks about a topic that's been hashed out time and time again. I offer to search, even provide a link, yet the topic continues to get hits, same info in 20 places...


I shouldn't complain, at least there's activity, right? Does any one else see this need as I do? I'm willing to search and compile messages, remove redundant and fill the Pinned topics with concise and easy to digest information. Big undertaking? Yep, but heck, it's worth it to me.


Thanks for reading, your future input, opinions, subtractions and additions.



NJ Admin, is this something that can be done easily? Am I asking for something that cannot be done in our forum specifically (limited by policy or software)?



Todd - K7PKT

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