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Thank you all.


I haven't met a lot of you folks, as I work most weekends I do most of my caching on week days. Some things about caching are most memorable, such as meeting many fellow cachers at the Central Jersey CITO, the saddest thing about this event was that I didn't snag any of Shannicat & Bugbait Cupcakes to take Home.

Another great thing about caching is that you can do it darn near anywhere, did KBer's ''A Cache in every Park'' Cache on the way to a show at the Papermill Playhouse, best thing about this cache is that it was only feet from a great Mongolian BBQ, and to Stayfloopy who beat me to a FTF at the ''Green Cache'' in Rutgers Gardens, I knew the Gardens opened at 9:00am so that was when I went, I found the Cache and was the second finder, Stayfloopy was there at 8:15am.

And to my friend Kitegirl who keeps hiding increasingly difficult Caches in close proximity to my Home so I can go out and not find them, then just have a short trip Home in order to email Her for a hint.


See you all out and about,


Take Care,



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Thank you,

You just cracked me up with your caching ''adventure'' stories when I was at the Central Jersey CITO.

By the way we were in D.C. during a Code Orange and while walking down Consitution Ave. I noticed the the FBI had a Uniformed Division that had marked cars with ''FBI Police'' written on them, I thought it was so cool I went to take a photo of it, as I was turning my camera on my Wife said ''I don't think this is a good idea'', I looked up and the two officers were staring at me, I put my camera away :laughing: .

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