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Fun With Station Names.


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I was reviewing my records and found that I have recovered three "colors" so far:


GREEN (Green Mountain)

PINK (Probably short for Pinkham, a common name here abouts)

HAZEL (the first name of the woman then owning the property)


One I have yet to go look for is on top of a mountain named Old Blue. For some reason though, it is named SCRUB.


Anyone else recover some interesting names?

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Oh Boy, have we found some interesting names...


Antelope, Beehive (4), Buckskin, Cactus, Curves, Don, Dot, Dyke, Easy, Fall, DNF-Game-but looked, Highway-RM, Holes, Kanab, Lowery, Len, Lito, Lope, Manson-another DNF, Marble Canyon, Mesa, Mollie's Nipple, Moapa, Mormon Mesa, Naviska, Pant, Pierce, Powell, Promontory, Red, Rose, Ruin (Yes, in Indian ruins on a mesa), Riordan,

Sand, Scenic, Seismology, Shinarump, Springs, Telephone, Tie, Vah Ki, Wahweap, Wall, Weather, White, Woody-another DNF and we found a Section '8'.


Whew, Thank you for making us remember some really interesting ones! B)


Shirley & John

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Well maybe I should start my story again using benchmarks/caches.

Some are logable and some not.



All but 1 MONEY has been recovered by me.


In 1492(BM 1492 FRONT YARD BLM) Columbus skinned his rump,on a bump,and sailed the ocean blue.


He discovered the New World,at or near Plymouth,(PLYMOUTH NATIONAL MONUMENT) BM LW4604,CACHE GCA651.

Now we know the PILGRIMtold the INDIANHow to grow CORN

but one day in the FIELD a POLECAT chased em off and they lost the (GOBBLER). for the Thanksgiving meal.


Miles Standish our first military leader (MY3979)Fortified the Bay at Plymouth MA.

After the New country was founded and the 13 Original Colonies grew,Thomas Jefferson and other Scientists of the day moved the Measuring Meridian the Washington D.C. ,Meridian Mile 0 (HV1846) (9HV1847) to GREENWITCH MERIDIAN.


Then the Louisiana Purchase 0f 1803.The Louisiana Purchase Monument (EH2910)

AND THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION (these are just being added to the data base NGS)


I still do not have enough MONEY NOT RECOVERED YET.

to just jump in the (TRUCK) and hunt them all.

But as soon as I can get some I will be off to get some more.I got many many more to complete the story and a few more to go after that.


So you could say this is the NEVERENDING BENCHMARK STORY.

I am suppose to write a story for TODAYS CACHER but have not got the adequite BM's yet.


Need more names.NEED MORE MARKS.......................AND MONEY B)

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Benchmark hunting is enough to drive you INSANE.


For example, HV4675 (INSANE) and HV4674 (INSANE ECC) in Washington, DC - plus local marks DC6382 (INSANE RM 1) AND DC6383 (INSANE RM 2) - all at St. Elizabeth's, the famed D.C. hospital.


Enough to make you thirsty? I recommend trying HV7108 (BEER) in Ann Arundel County, MD, which unfortunately was reported destroyed in 1957.



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I know this came up before, but my cool names are OYES and ONO. ONO is at a small town of the same name, and OYES is a few miles down the road and may be based on the name of a restaurant in Ono named the O' Yes Hotel.

I also found Pepsi 2 but have no idea why it is named that. I don't think there is a Pepsi bottling plant nearby and the mark was at a motel.

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Well now me and TIGGR had the urge to get out and


We thought we would get over being


By hearing PA's fiddle (Little House on the Prarie)played today at the Little House in Mansfield Mo.





We got to travel by the 1924 Farmers Exchange

HD0277 V 6

We also found a CHISLED SQUARE

and found a little PEACE AZ we had fun for the day.

I wish I would have had the metal detector and something to dig with maybe I could have found STATION peace

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Funny, I just came across another interesting situation...


TWO benchmarks in Colorado, both named LAST: #1, #2.

One named LAST CHANCE.


All three are nowhere near each other (>100 miles apart). The first LAST is nowhere near anything that shares its name. The second LAST is three miles from a town, named "Last Chance".


The LAST CHANCE mark is nowhere near anything else names 'Last' or 'Last Chance'...



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I'd love the know the story behind FALSE!


There's a mark our team swears we MUST put on our list. It is named DEAD DOG. We assume we should approach from upwind. (grin).


It's on NC-22, just a few miles south of the community of CLIMAX.



Raleigh, NC

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mloser wrote:

I also found Pepsi 2 but have no idea why it is named that. I don't think there is a Pepsi bottling plant nearby and the mark was at a motel.


My theory is that there was a Pepsi billboard close to the Lakes Motel when the original mark was set in 1960. The soft drink company was heavily into outdoor advertising during that time frame. (In North Carolina, we have a mark where a ref tag was on the Pepsi billboard support post.)


An alternate theory is that a member of the crew was thirsty and it was too much trouble to return to Frystown for something to drink. Therefore, a beverage may have been purchased from the motel vending machine. If that is the situation, I salute their excellent taste in soft drinks!




PEPSI--Born in the Carolinas!

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I have run across a couple of interesting names also. I wish I knew more about the reason for some of the names.


hedgpeth RM 1 and apparently the other room? hedgpeth rm 2 all must have been named for this view, but where is the room Hedgpeth 27319_200.jpg


I have also found Mud, Sears, Barbs, Ransom, and a friendly Welcome which is right in the middle of downtown Holly Springs, NC. I have also found the Sunset mark, which was not very pretty. And I know that it is not very old, but my oldest mark was simply called R 54 but it was in a beautiful spot near the Nantahala river. A friend of mine spotted it while we were walking the train tracks back from the hardest terrain rated Geocache I have ever done, Lost Caves of the Middle Sun which is a 3.5 difficulty and a 4.5 terrain. As soon as my new metal detector gets here I will be back on a Benchmark Kick again. Its been a while since I searched for them, thanks for the thread.



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