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Gpsmap 76cs Screen Shot W/ Mapsource Topo

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I am curious how the topo shows up as I have heard that color screens can be a pain to see in different light conditions.


I have both TOPO United States and the TOPO 24K, West maps on my GPSmap 60CS (which is identical to the 76C(S) as far as the screen size and firmware goes), and I can tell you first hand that the topo maps look totally awesome on the color screen (backlit or in direct sunlight). I use the topo maps all the time when geocaching and I love'em. You won't be disappointed.


BTW, I'll defer to Team DEMP to post the screen shots since he already volunteered to do so and I don't want to steal his thunder (not to mention the fact that I don't have a 76C(S)). B)

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Yes, a digital close up of the unit displaying the topo. Maybe a couple at different zoom levels. I am curious how the topo shows up as I have heard that color screens can be a pain to see in different light conditions.

I was absolutely floored when I used my GPS76CS outside. I thought the light was on and kept checking, but it wasn't. Even in a little daylight the screen is clear and bright. It's getting dark here but I'll take a couple pics and post them. As for inside, unless you have a light around you, it needs the backlight on to see well. I'll take the pics now...

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Here are the pictures - hope you aren't on dial-up though each is only about 60K. I turned off the flash for all shots. The inside pics are at my computer with minimal light around. The outside pictures were on my deck, but it's not sunny at all out. I took a picture of each with the backlight off, on half way and on full.


As you can tell from the pictures, looking at the case, the camera adjusted based on the brightness of the display which I guess is a good indication that it's beight with the backlight on. Some pictures are sharper then others but it's hard to tell when I'm taken them. The case color in the middle pictures of inside and outside most closely resemble the color of the actual case.


Inside with no light:



Inside with backlight on halfway:



Inside with backlight on full:



Outside with no light:



Outside with backlight on halfway:



Ouside with backlight on full:


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Looks like there's a fingerprint on the lens of the my digital camera! dadgum kids!! B)


When using the GPS outside this weekend (~14 hours total of hiking with it), I didn't notice the reflection off the front that you see in the no-backlight pictures. It could be because I'm not right on top of it taking the picture, but I just tried again and inside I can't get a good pic without it reflecting me off the front glass.


But I really want to reiterate a comment I made in a previous post that outside in the sunlight, I kept checking to see if the backlight was on because it was so bright. I'd say 3 or 4 times on Sunday I kept pressing the Light button but it wasn't on. In fact, turning it on, even to the brightest setting, did nothing while outside in bright sunlight.

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