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"found" Total Nearing 52,000

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I haven't commented about our found count since February when Jeremy put in some changes including the way the count is displayed. As it turns out, the count displayed before Feb. 13 was the total number of found benchmark logs not the number of found benchmarks, although the wording said benchmarks. Thus, benchmarks that were found by more than one person were counted multiple times. With the changes put in on Feb. 13th the count became the number of actual benchmarks found and the count went from 52,324 the previous day to 39,657. Since then, we have been slowly working back up to the 50,000+ mark with a more accurate count. Our recent milestones have been:

50,000 benchmarks found - Aug 10

685,000 remaining (51,425 found) - Sept 6

7% of the total (51,550 found) - Sept 7

Our next milestones and guesstimated dates are:

55,000 found - Oct 28

680,000 remaining (56,425 found) - Nov 19

8% of the total (58,914) - Dec 26.


I track the found count every day (well, every work day mostly :wacko: ) and keep a running weekly average to see what the pattern is like. Of course, it jumps around a bit but if I take the time to study it a bit, some patterns emerge. The average daily finds was around 70 from mid March thru mid April and then started a slow slide until it reached the mid to upper 40s around Aug 1. Since then, it has slowly climbed back up to the 60s. There have been a couple of major fluctuations, one around March 17 and one around June 11. In both cases, the average fluctuated up and then down by more then 30 over the course of a couple of weeks. A smaller fluctuation occurred around Sept 1 when it dipped 15 and then rose 21. Anyway, it appears that this year there is less benchmark finding in the middle of the summer than during the spring and fall. This is quite different than in 2003 when the daily average of benchmark found logs (remember the different method of counting) was over 120 from June 21 thru July 25.


Anyway, just a few numbers for those who enjoy them.

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