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New Garmin Quest

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Garmin is at it again. I went to their website today and saw an ad for the new Quest GPS.


That price seems a little high. My 60cs does all the same things this unit does and it cost much less (but I bought CS6 for my unit and I think this one comes with it, which kind of evens out the price difference.).


Has anyone tried one of these yet or even seen one up close and in person? :laughing: Can it be used for caching easily? Not that I am going to buy one...I was just wondering.

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Vlad pretty much summed it up - voice guidance and the inclusion of CS are the key differences between that and the 76C. (Against a 60, it also has double the map memory.) Combine its heft and the inability to take industry standard batteries, and it's really not the ideal unit for a hike; but for, say, a travelling saleman or a field service guy, it could be just the ticket.


And to get ahead of the inevitable question, I've gotten debug dumps from an early quest user and it's not going to work with GPSBabel (and thus GSAK) until someone can loan me one for a little while or do some of the work themselves. While we get the USB part just fine, they introduced Yet Another Waypoint Type (plus new track header and trackpoint types) that we don't yet have.

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Quest comes complete as a package with a whole bunch of hardware and software not the least of which is City Select. That's why the price is what it is.


Quest also supports voice guidance which your unit does not...

Ah well, I think I will still stick with my 60cs. :lol: I have City Select 6 for it and I don't mind beeps instead of voice prompts. :laughing:

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I have both a Quest and a 60CS and you really can't compare the two. While both of them have common/similar features, they each have their own specialties. The Quest has some really cool features for auto-routing that the 60C(S), 76C(S), and Legend/Vista C can't dream of matching (such as voice guidance, advanced route planning, setting detours, custom avoidances, etc., etc.). On the other hand the 60C(S), 76C(S), and Legend/Vista C have some really cool features that the Quest can't dream of matching (such as the dedicated geocaching mode, all of the games, availability of an electronic compass and altimeter, etc., etc.).


Thus, IMHO, the two units fill very different needs. If you use your GPS for auto navigation most of the time, then get the Quest. If however you use your GPS for geocaching, hiking, etc. most of the time, then get the 60C(S), 76C(S), or Legend/Vista C. If you're on the fence between the two, then buy one of each like I did. :blink:


Also, Vlad did indeed hit the nail on the head when it comes to the price difference between the two units. If you take a 60C or 76C and add City Select plus a suction cup mount and an AC adapter and a DC adapter (i.e. all of the items included with the Quest), you'll probably pay about the same (or maybe even a bit more). Thus, the units are actually quite close in price when you compare all that you get with the Quest.

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