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Airport Arrows

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I found the remains of KW2811 Columbus Phila Airway BCN 30 just north east of Carlisle, PA. on Blue Mountain. I did not see a tower or an arrow. But the arrow might have been covered by leaves. There also was a triangulation station at the location. Sterrett. KW2812.

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Geo*Trailblazer 1


That is an excellent find!


I have never seen an arrow (up close and personal from the ground), and I haven't seen any airway beacons for many years (aside, I think, from one that is actually on the small airport at Blanding, UT and is used as the airport beacon). I have searched for three or four beacons in the MD-DE-NJ corridor, and have logged as many "destroyeds".


I recall spotting several beacons in the early 70's but I think that the system had been decommissioned by then. I don't imagine that there are many still standing.


I've also spotted dozens of arrows, from the air and mostly in CO and CA, but never have I recovered one as a benchmark.


I recall seeing a recovery for an airway beacon near Allentown, PA, in the Goecaching database, but the accompanying photo was of a modern radio mast.



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I have a Friend who is a Fiber Optics and Communications Tech for a local power utility here near Seattle. He said that he thinks the City of Snoqualmie Washington uses a nearby Airway Beacon Tower SE of that town for a microwave tower. He also remembers seeing an Airway tower being used similarly in Eastern Washington, East of Cle Elum and North of the Indian John Rest Area on Interstate 90. He thought the Airway Beacon itself was still mounted on that particular tower, and some civil air tower signage was still mounted on that tower, though the tower is now privately owned. I asked him if he had seen any arrows and he had not, but will keep an eye open now.


A google search of Airway Beacon Towers and variations on that theme brings up some interesting history to read on those if anyone is interested. Seems most went out of use during WW II and never turned back on...


Very Cool Geo, Very Cool!



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There is a concrete arrow just a few miles from my home on a ridge. There is no disk set in it, and I know of no records specifying it's use as a benchmark, but nevertheless, the arrow does exist. It is broken up, and not in great condition, but not so destroyed that you can't tell what it is.


Embra helped myself and another friend track it down and establish coords for it, based on information given to us by local forestry officials.

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The COLAIR is *HUGE as well.You just can not see it all it looks just like the others except under mesquite bushes,It has been abandoned a long time.

you are seeing just the arrow of it the square base is behind it then what was a fuel building.

It too points directly at the runway and direction of the strip.


I live too far away to maintain a good cache there but have the Border Patrol and the History Museum along with Geocaching friends working on it.

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Researched a little & found this HO0622 Airway beacon.


The beacon seems to be cut down, but the arrow is still there. So, I guess the real mark is destroyed? To bad....


Also, this is GC15C4 Shinob Kibe Cache

that has more info about the arrow & another link to some great pictures of the mesa.

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