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I bought my 76C from them in June and was extremely pleased with the service. They even called to confirm the order as I had given a shipping address that was different from the billing address and they wanted to verify that is wasn't a case of Identity Theft. I will continue to use them as the need arrises.


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Looking to buy a Garmin 60C.  It is listed for $359 at a place called GPS Now.


It is a division of 4 r books.  Anybody have information on this site--price seems awfully good for new stuff.




Bill in Nor Cal

THEY ARE GREAT! I got my 60cs through them and some software. They had my new GPS at my doorstep the next day via FedEx.


Also, just to show how great their customer service is:


I used my credit card to order my GPS. The billing address for my credit card is my PO Box but I wanted the GPS shipped to my house...so the billing and shipping address were not the same.


An hour after I completed my online purchase, they called me. They said they always call people when the billing/shipping address is not the same in an effort to prevent credit card fraud. I was very pleased that they did this. I order stuff online all the time and no company has ever done that before.


They really are a great company and I highly recommend them! :anibad:


The GPS I ordered and the software arrived in brand new, unopened Garmin packaging. It's not refurb stuff.

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