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9-11 Glass Ball Release


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Under Golden Pine




I thought I'd try to grab a special Art by Fire 9-11 gllass ball so we left Graham at 5:00am arrived at 6:30 to find literally 1000's of people walking the beach searching for balls that had been planted last night. However, out of the entire crowd only one person had found one ball at 4:30 am...she said that she saw a few people leaving with glass balls at that time and that 100's of people had been in that park all night long. The park is geothrashed and the one cache in the park was found often by the searchers.


Did any of you find a glass ball?

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Sounds alot like the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunts here in St. Paul, Minnesota. The local newspaper hides a medallion, posting clues over a 2 week period as to which park it's located in. The last two years have gone to the last, pinpointing, clue. At that point, there's thousands of people looking, and usually 3/4s of those are last minute hunters looking to make a quick buck (the cash prize is 10,000 dollars) and most of those people rarely spend any time in a park, so needless to say, they have NO respect for anything other than trashing an area to find a floppy disk sized plastic puck.


No wonder the local geocachers here hate that hunt so much (I do participate in it, but am a respectful individual and always clean up trash rather than add to, not to mention I'm in the parks after the 1st clue is out).

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