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Leave trash bags in a cache

Guest yippeekyaa

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Guest yippeekyaa

Tomorrow I will be placing my first two caches in two different state parks near me. Today when I went to purchase cache items it suddenly struck me to purchase a roll of trash bags to leave in the cache. The 8 gal variety that come in a 50 count roll were less that 2$ and i made two smaller rolls, 1 for each cache. If anyone forgets to bring a trash bag with them they can at least carry one out and pick up litter as they hike. Thought i'd pass the idea along.

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Guest Paul Lamble

Yep. I placed three caches today, and I made sure to put trash bags in them. They are the tall kitchen bags with handles on them since I figure there is a maximum volume you can expect even a dedicated geocacher to carry, and the handles make it easier anyway.


Trash bags should be standard equipment.

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Originally posted by Paul Lamble:

Trash bags should be standard equipment.




Why are you putting trash bags in your caches? For what need?


( Sorry, if my questions sounds silly in your ears. But where I come from, here in Switzerland, I don't see any reason for that. That's why I'm asking. )





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Guest jeremy

I can't vouch for Switzerland, but the US is filled with "Ugly Americans" who like to litter in the parks. As part of our cache hunts lots of us pick up trash along the trails on our way to and from a cache.


Putting extra trash bags in caches are a good way to encourage folks to do the same.



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Guest Paul Lamble

Hello Pepe,


I hear that Switzerland is a beautiful place. Unfortunately, much of the US is filled with trash that thoughtless people leave behind.


Not only is it good to pick up this trash, but I think this helps persuade the park manager to give permission to place the caches. And for the most part, I have found that geocachers are the kinds of people who will readily pick up trash in the park if they are given an opportunity.


Paul Lamble

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Guest zoedog

I am new and have not laid my fist cache yet, it would be nice to ask to replace the bag and pick up on the way out. Come in with a bag and pick up what you can on the way out. I would do that. I like this idea.



Where are we going,

and whats up this hand


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