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What's A Good Store For Outdoor Equipment?


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It can be online or brick and mortar. I just need a place where I can buy stuff like Topo maps, a compass, a tent, some camping supplies, etc. We are planning a trip and I need to get a few things.


The only place I can think of around here is Galyan's, but there website really sucks and you can't browse their inventory, and the store is about an hour away.

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Is something likea 70.00 Brunton compass a good investment, or will the $14 sighted compass at Walmart work just as well?

I wouldn’t think that a Brunton compass would be what you’re looking for. They are specifically designed to measure vertical angles as well as bearing. Structural geologists rely on them to measure dip and slope, among many other things. Brunton compasses are unique in that they have a built-in balance and, as strange as it seems, the East and West positions are actually reversed… this takes some getting used to for the average compass user.


A regular-style compass will probably work just fine for general navigation. I use a $5 compass and it work for me, plus I don’t have to worry about breaking it.


If you did want a Brunton, though, try to find one in a pawnshop. You could even try telling the guy working there, “Hey look! The East and West are reversed! No one’s going to want to buy this compass! …I’ll give you three bucks for it.” I’ve been told that sometimes works. :huh:

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It depends on where you are, but there should be chain sporting goods stores almost everywhere, of one flavor or another. Down here in southeast Texas Academy is the usual suspect, or else Marburger's or Oshman's. I prefer Academy, mostly because it's close, but also because it has more stuff, and they're everywhere. Target and WalMart are also ubiquitous, and have lots of stuff. I go there when all else fails. I don't like buying stuff mail-order if I don't have to - the shipping adds up, sometimes more than the cost of the merchandise, you have to wait, returns are a hassle, and you can't see what you're getting. I'll do it if I have to, but only then.


I agree about the compass - they don't need to be expensive to work, and if you lose a cheap one, it's not a major catastrophe. The Silva sold everywhere works just fine for me.

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I do Walmart for most except topomaps..register as a paid member at www.topozone.com for that


any and all sportinggoods stores or 'outfitters' or surplus stores...


I supose this is an exanple of the difference between an outdoorsperson finding a geocaching or a geocacher finding the outdoors??/


remeber 'Best' doesnbt neccsarrily mean 'most expensive'.

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Our local engineering firm sells USGS topo maps. Also, our nearest "camping" store, an army-navy surplus, is an hour away. Most of our recent equipment has been purchased online from Campmor. My Garmin eTrex was purchased at a Dunham's Sporting Goods store 40 minutes away. Different strokes for different folks.

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Can you get maps sent to you from topozone? I was looking for a waterproof map of John's Mountain in Floyd County, GA.

Yep..absolutely..or , if you know the quad and or section you need, you can go Finding and Ordering USGS Topographic Maps and they will ship said maps you your mailing address.


So far as waterproffing goes, I am not certain if they are sent waterproffed or not. one good I dea that I found while surfing the net is to copy the part of the map you need and have it lamibated. that way you don't have to worry about your orifginal getting accudentally ruining the original

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Campmor! It will be difficult to find a better place to buy everything needed for the outdoors.

In hindsight, I would also recommend Campmor first. I have found that they often have the same selection as others at better prices. I also have found some extra unique surprises with them. An example is when I ordered an expensive Columbia travel shirt from REI and also ordered a much cheaper Campmor brand travel shirt with all the same features from Campmor. The Campmor shirt ended up to be less easy to wrinkle, had better button features and just generally looked better! So I ended up very happy there, especially since the shirt was $15 cheaper! I will now buy any further travel shirts from Campmor. I don't even wear the expensive Columbia one much (not to trash Columbia though, I do generally like their clothes)!


In a later post, Brian mentioned Sierra Trading Post. They are worth a look, but like he said, they may or may not have what you seek. If they do, you could find some savings. I am fortunate enough to drive through Wyoming from time to time and visit the actual Sierra outlet store. I have found some great cheap stuff there. My last was a pair of favorite Vasque hiking boots on closeout, so I got a $125 or so pair of boots for $35!

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