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Magellan Sportrak Map Problem


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I have a freind with a Magellan SporTrak Map GPSr. When you turn it on it seems to 'boot' fine. But it never seems to get any satellite signals. I don't get a single bar on the 'reading satellites screen'.

I own a Garmin so I do not know much about Magellan.

This person is a GeoMuggle, but I would like to help her anyway.

Thanks in advance.


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It may not have a current copy of the almanac in memory, requiring a long time to get satellite lock. She could try turning it on and leaving it outside for a good while (up to a half hour), but she might hasten the process some by re-initializing (menu/setup/clear memory/all). This will erase any existing data, including any detail maps (but not the basemap).

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Just echoing Embra's suggestion.


This problem comes up quite often, and the most likely problem is that the GPS has not had time to aquire the necessary information it needs for a signal.


Turn it on outside and leave it--maybe for as long as 30 minutes, but probably less. I think you'll find that the GPS works fine.



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Thanks for the info.

I had it on on the dash of my car on the way home yesterday for about 15 minutes. I will leave it on tonight at home on the porch for a while after clearing out existing data.

My Etrex aquires lock in about 1 minute usually, I will try ya'lls suggestions.

Thanks much,


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My thoughts turn to corruption in the firmware. I would try reinstalling the firmware (if you have a data cable). Recent firmwares are available at www.magellangps.com


The only other thing I could think of that you could do is swap the batteried...not that it should make any difference, really, but it's something you can try easily.


If you don't have a cable, or you try this and it doesn't help, I'd be inclined to exchange it (if new) or send it in for repair (if new enough). It's not working like it should.

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15 minutes should be enough. It takes ~12 minutes for the entire almanac to be received, so anything more than that is just a repeat. The only time it may take longer is if the unit lost sight of the sky completely for awhile while acquiring, and that's not very likely. If it doesn't get any satellites in 15 minutes, it's not working right.

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Just an FYI - I also have a Magellan SportTrak, and I had the same problems. While trying to troubleshoot I stumbled into a diagnostic menu, and the RF receiver test failed (which stands to reason based on the troubles I was having). I called tech support, but firmware flashes and complete resets didn't help - it was a defective unit. I ended up sending it back to them, and they replaced it with a new GPSr.


Oh, and if you're on the phone with Magellan (it's actually Thalus or somesuch), don't mention the diagnostic code and tests. Play dumb and say that it just doesn't work. The tech and I got into an argument about voiding warranties and other empty threats, and they almost refused to help me.


Hope that helps,



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I just ran the test on both my ST Map and NeriGreen.....

They BOTH failed....


However, my MeriGreen seems to work MUCH better than my ST....


It all began when I sent them back to Magellan at the same time last fall for warranty repairs....


The MeriGreen for a problem with the LCD/backlight (which they did NOTHING to fix :huh: ), and the ST for the infamous case cracks. (They DID replace the case, but it already is starting to crack again... :huh: )


Anyway, when I got them back, the Merigreen worked, but didnt seem to work as well as it did.....


The ST came back with DOWNGRADED firmware, and had the same issue you are describing above.....


Well, I upgraded the firmware, and it does work....Somewhat.... :(


It receives, but not nearly as well as it used to, and it is SOOOO slow to aquire lock, and the EPE always jumps around alot.....Seems like the longer I use it after a firmware change, the worse it receives......


Unfortunately, I cut it close on sending them back for the last repair.....The warranty actually ran out while Magellan had them, so I havent called them back since I got them back.....(I've already had about 4 or 5 warranty repairs on both units prior to that last one).....


I think I might have to now.... :huh:

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Do you remeber how you got into the diag menu?

Sorry - I thought I did, but the key sequence that I *think* I remembered doesn't seem to work. I think it was NAV-GOTO-ZOOMOUT, but it doesn't seem to be working now. A quick Google pointed me to a Magellan FAQ that has some sequences. I didn't try them all, but verified that a few work...




Happy Hacking :anibad:



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