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Mapsource Viewing Problem

Garmin Guy
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How do I get mapsource to display out to say 50 km 60CS? At present all I have is the outlines of the maps I have loaded on and a tiny area showing in the middle. I have to zoom in to 3 km to get any detail.....what settings do I have to tweak? I have a US basemap and I live in Germany....I am not bothered because I know that Mapsource will give me more detail and I can load the necessary maps on for where I will be going. I have tried some of the settings on map setup but they don't seem to help.


Thanks for your help in advance!


I have eventually found out how to get it to show detail out from greater then 3km!!!


You have to go into map setup and TURN OFF THE BASE MAP!


A funny problem but it had me going for ages.....

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