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Sandisk Sd Card Problems

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I have a Meridian GPS, (yellow) running v 4.06 firmware and just bought a Sandisk 512Mb SD card. The card cannot be read properly, :huh: only first few files appear in menu and it forces shutdown without warning on 'delete file' or 'load (anything)'. Works just fine on my old 64Mb card. I understand that there is a compatability problem with Sandisk 512Mb and 1 Gb cards and this is being addressed by Magellan but am unable to get any authoritative response from them, Magellan US won't respond and Magellan Australia don't seem to know. Does anyone have any wisdom on this matter? Any one want a cheap new Sandisk 512Mb SD card for their MP3 player?

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Wisdom no! but may be the GPS will not see disks over a certain size....sometimes equipment is built with maximum parameters set....like windows not seeing disks over 160gb for example. Not much help but an idea. Phone tech up and ask if there are any limits on SD size.




The European version contains the same information except the UK edition base map has UK Towns/Cities and major roads and motorways. Like with Garmin, Magellan also offer an extra installable map CD called MapSend. This allows you to upload and store these maps to the Meridian with greater map detail than provided in the base maps. The Meridian range comes standard with an SD slot allowing you to use an 8mb, 16mb, 32mb or 64mb SD card. In fact, the only thing limiting the storage capability is the size of the storage card that can be purchased. Currently 512mb SD cards are available which could be used, giving you more than enough storage space! The SD slot is located inside the battery compartment, and you do need to remove the batteries to get to the SD card slot. The SD memory card is optional and can be purchased from any computer store, or direct from Magellan or a Magellan authorised reseller although the Magellan store currently only ships up to 64mb cards.

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The Sandisk problem you ask about is covered in the Magellan FAQ. I cannot specifically remember what firmware # the yellow needs to be upgraded to, or if it even can be, for the larger Sandisck SD cards to work.


Join this yahoo group, it is free, then click on the “files” link on the left hand side, the click on the link for “FAQ”, the select “Magellan Meridian FAQ, version 2.0”


This document may even answer, or address, other issues you have not yet experienced. This is much better information than anything Magellan has released, including the owners manuals. Have fun learning cool things about your Maggie.

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