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Case For Garmin 60 Cs


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Has anyone found a usable case for the 60CS? I am looking for something like the case for the Etrex that will protect the GPS but still allow me to use it without removing the case. Sorry if this has been covered before but I could not find anything doing a search. Thanks for any help.

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The case interferes with putting it in Garmin's plastic mounting bracket although I've heard [read] that some folks have cut openings to allow mounting.


If I had known how hard it is to remove the case I might not have bought it. Although the case looks and feels cool, it makes it difficult to change batteries and to use the ports for USB, serial, or external antenna. The case also makes it a little more difficult to manipulate the rocker panel reliably.


I still use it because it does protect the screen from scratches and may also provide some small measure of shock absorbtion if the unit were to fall.


Team Geo-Jedi

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