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Cache Page Does Not Update


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I just noticed a strange error I have never seen before: I posted a find to the cache and the cache page didn't show my log, even after a refresh, but I can see the find counted in my stats and my "All Geocaches Found":


The cache page

My finds


The bottom of the cache page says "Rendered: From Memory", even if I allow a few minutes between the reloads.

I noticed that your log entry is now on the cache page. Unfortunately all the text on the page is jumbled around. It almost looks like it is in some other language :huh:

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Same thing happening here, and my personal TB seems stuck in a cache, even tho the TB page shows it in the right spot. How will this affect GPX files? I usually d/l the GPX file of the cache right after I log it and add it to my other finds in one large GPX file. Will the d/l file be right? Or do we have to wait til the cache page eventually catches up?

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