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Cachers You Wouldn't Want To Meet

Skully & Mulder et al.
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Skully & Mulder et al. - I think they are actually alians.

Averoair - He hides & finds too many caches - that's just creepy - plus, although he speaks English, I think he is from a forign country, so I just want to stay away from him.

Natureboy - He hides caches that get people arrested.

Quoddy - The Real Quoddy cant be trusted around female canines.

JMBella & Squealy - They drive too far to get to the event caches.

Hartclimbs - He is a "banned user".

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I'm happy to meet anyone.


Of course, I introduce myself using other geocachers' names....so if you've had any bad experiences meeting cachers along the trails, rest assured...it was probably just me. ;)


Let's see....I've been Snat, Mopar, Harrald, GWHO, Skully (& Mulder once too), etoast, Mxylzpick (or however he spells it), as well as a few other nefarious identities....and once....NJ Admin. :lol:

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I don't want to meet any of you freaks!

Fine - you & Squealy stay home, I will accept all the winnings.


A couple more additions to my list:

BrianSnat - because I heard he bowls and bowlers are weird.

BassoonPilot- because when he finds his 1112th cache I think all hell is going to break loose.

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I actually heard Avroair asked to be frisked twice. - Just a rumor. 


Actually, he requested the full body cavity search.   


Yeah, the cops ran away after I said "Frisk me again for the 5th time" Works like a charm

:huh: Can't wait to try Power Trip 1 and 2 to see who will be waiting for me there.


You guys post WAY to quickly in the forums, ain't ya got anything better todo? I don't want to meet any of you!!!!



HartClimbs - cause he makes me go and find his finds twice

Natureboy - cause his caches are guarded by cops

BrianSnat - because he places caches faster than I'm finding them --- and he now is hallucinating about Fluffy Pink Bunnies!

JMBella - cause he causes bar fights!

Squealy - cause he's a friggin' LIer

MacAtac - cause after we finish a Harriman group hike, he goes off and finds 10 more!

Skully and Mulder - cause if I had a little army to search an area I could find cache quicker!

TBB and BM2 - cause they are not good role models for my wife who barely lets me cache as it is!



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Avroair - he's a friggin' lymie

BrianSnat - who knows where, when and for what reason he first used his famous hint: In a crevice.

JMBella - Joe, Marisa and Bella - hmmm, you do the math.

Skully & Mulder, et. al - all this talk of snake handling - AND you have kids, you should be ashamed of yourself.

CCCooperAgency - oh wait, we were in the same state as each other once, that counts, right?

Team DEMP - he's always offering me drugs. Scratch that, I DO want to meet him.

Tiffany's Slaves - the only Tiffany I would agree to be a slave to is this one:


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