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I haven't got to post here for awhile so I thought I would drop by and post a few updates for anyone who is watching this thread. GWIII is coming along great we currently have over 250 people registered for the event and we expect to top 500 or more by the actual event. We have been getting some great exposure for caching as well as GeoWoodstock. Wired Magazine a National Technology magazine will be doing an article in their May Calendar section about Geocaching and Woodstock. We have been contacted by National Geographic Explorer as well about the event and possible coverage.


We have 2 items which may be of interest to the caching community we have GWIII t-shirts and GWIII commerative coins available on our website at GeoWoodstockIII The sale of the tshirts will fund the event in it's entirety. The shirts will have the GWIII logo on the front and the Groundspeak logo on the back. The coins will be trackable through GC.Com for details on cost or to purchase visit the website.


Also we would like to thank Groundspeak for agreeing to set up a store at the event this year. We will have a select set of merchandise from Groundspeak which will be available so please help show your support for Groundspeak and GC.Com by coming by the store and purchasing your merchandise minus the shipping charges.


The caches runs are being posted on our website as well using bookmark lists so you can see the actual caches involved and plan accordingly.


There will be a full scale itenarary in May's issue of Today's Cacher Magazine so please be sure to make a copy so you won't miss out on three days of fun and adventure at GWIII



The Federation

GWIII Promotions

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As the Federation mentioned, Today's Cacher Magazine will carry a detailed itinerary of the Geowoodstock weekend events.

Also we will delay the June issue a few days in order to provide complete coverage of the event.


We would like to invite everyone to submit their personal experience of Geowoodstock; stories, adventures, mishaps, photos, etc. We'll pick the best and include them in the June Issue. Mail your submissions to doc-dean@todayscacher.com



Geowoodstock Editor

Today's Cacher Magazine

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It's crunch time! (well.... for us event organizers anyway)


The GW3 t-shirt order needs to go in this week for us to get them in time for the event. We will continue taking orders for t-shirts through the end of this week (for sure) and possibly part of next week assuming our t-shirt supplier allows us to bump the order while they are tweaking the art, etc. The price will remain $15 each until the drop dead date. Since the t-shirts are paying for the food/rentals/etc. for the event we very much appreciate your orders. They should look great and be a great collectors item.




Jim Coleman


NEFGA President


P.S. Go to the registration link (if you haven't already registered) or the t-shirt sales link to buy shirts

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The Happenings leading up to GeoWoodstock III kicked off yesterday and ended today with a New World Record being set in Jacksonville again. The German team of GeoPirate and Team Huskie completed 263 caches in 24 hours in the Jacksonville area. I am sure they are getting some much needed rest and relaxation now but for anyone attending GW3 this coming weekend a new mark has been set.

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My hat is off to the organizers of the event. You all did a tremendous job. I am so very glad that I decided to come down. It was an honor and a pleasure to take part in GWIII.


Congrats to all that put this on. It was a huge success.

As a volunteer at the event, I'd like to say "thanks for the kind words". I hope we accomplished our goal of everyone going away saying "That's the most fun I've ever had!"

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