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Garmin V For Sale With Map Source


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I'm upgrading so I wont be needing my gps garmin V. It comes with the cable to connect it to the computer, and map source so you can download up to 19 meg of data and it gives you directions. Also the mount for the car and the power charger for the car to run off the cigarette lighter.


Note about the mount: I have 2 vehicles and so I can switch it from vehicle to vehicle I took the mount and didnt connect it directly to the dash with the adhesive it comes with. I slapped some velcro on the bottom and velcro on the dash so I can transfer it easily. You'll need to do the same (or get the adhesive from garmin or work another solution)


Best offer, please email me directly with any offers. used units have gone for around $200 on ebay so I was hoping to get something close to that if possible.

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