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Cant' Believe There's No Cache On "cache Lake"


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I was browsing Canadian Canoe Routes this morning when I came across:


Cache Lake to Lake of Two Rivers


So I came to gc.com and tried to seek caches on Cache Lake and was surprised to find that there's only an Albertain (sp?) one.


Anyway I know this is essentially a pointless thread but I was surprised and then thought that perhaps some people here would be interested in the CCR site.



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:o I think AB is referring to Cache Lake in Algonquin Park - right? There is more than one Cache Lake in Ontario. I think I have seen at least one in Kenora area & maybe one in Sudbury too. (I stare at maps all day at work ;) ) This page shows quite a few geographic locations with the word "Cache" and that is only Ontario. The national site shows some of the names across Canada.


-Donna G

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I just found the only Cache Lake in Yukon... It's out in Kluane National Park.


Fortunately, it is north of the big mountain ranges. Best looking route on the topos would be 35-40 km return trip. Terrain isn't bad, following a creek valley and some occasional segments of an old road, less than 1000m total elevation gain. Looks doable as a nice overnighter or a very hardcore day.


Hmmm... Starting to plan things here...


Like Thorin said, what better place for a cache?

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