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How Do I Place A Letter Box Hybrid Cache.

Shoobie & the Sand Crabs

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First you will need a stamp and book for inside the box and since its also a geocache, trade items too. You should label the stamp clearly, so it's not mistaken for a trade item and traded out by a geocacher ("left a golf ball and took the pretty stamp").


Then you list it here as a geocache using the cache type "letterbox hybrid" and provide the cache coordinates so geocachers can find it.


Next, since its a letterbox hybrid, you'll also want to list it one of the places letterboxers keep their clues. Www.letterboxing.org is the most popular, but letterboxing isn't as centrailized as geocaching, so clues found be anywhere, including in other letterboxes and through word of mouth.


Letterbox clues can range from simple directions like "Park at main lot. Walk east to the lone oak tree. From there walk 100 paces at 60 degrees to a stump and behind it you'll find what you are looking for.", to cryptic clues and difficult puzzles. The type of clue is up to you. You can go to www.letterboxing.org and find examples.

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