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Longview Romp


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Washington is going to have another town Romp!


We were planning our next event when I realized that it was similar to an event I'd heard about. BumbingBs Port Townsend Romp. From the logs and the forum thread. So since BumblingBs is also the unofficial Official Geocache Event Consultant I contacted her and got some advice on holding my own Romp.


Still have some details to work out but hopefully it will be at least almost as fun as the original Romp.


Longview Romp cache page

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I am going to try to make this one. Sounds like fun! It is a long way from Wenatchee though. Would I figure a 4 hr drive? Is is faster to Seattle and down !-5 or cross country wise? Any ideas out there?

I think it's closer to 4.5 hours from Wenatchee, via I-90. It's 1 hour 45 minutes from Federal Way. Little less than 1 hour north of Portland

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Hey by the way -- That was an awesome cache event. Which reminds me, I need to post my pictures from it.


You managed to stump an awful lot of cachers more than once. And not a few of the stops were really entertaining. I think that's the first time anyone's had to use an R/C controller to get a cache waypoint to come to them. <_<

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Thanks Romulus. It was a lot of fun to plan and attend. My wife is even talking about doing it again in the spring for the people who couldn't make it because of schedule problems. I think she's crazy. <_<


Now I'm off to use one of the waypoints to create a new cache.

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