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Maps And Waypoints

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Not sure how to ask this question, but here goes. While in Savannah this past weekend I wondered if there was some way I could get the caches on a map that would show me where they were in relation to each other.


I've got a yellow Etrex so I don't have any mapping ability. I know by looking on the geocaching.com map page some of them are listed.


Next time I go I want to be able to make the most of my time there and not be running all over the area and only able to pick up a couple at a time.


Any suggestions?

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The map at gc is fairly good for relative placement of caches is a small area but not a lot of help for streets etc. If you use one of the other maps you only get the one cache in question. Seeing a listing from gc is not a great help for me.


I use GSAK and get a pocket query. (You have to be a paid member to get pq's) Then I load the pq into GSAK - that gives me the abillty to sort the list for distance on any cache in the data base. You can get a pq based on the place you are going.


Then I export the GSAK database to the file tiype used by my topo map program.


Import that to my mapping and I see all the caches on my map as a red flag with a text label above it.


So there are three steps here -


1- You need to support gc with your $30 yearly contribution (or $3 a month) to get your pq's with the caches in the area of question.


2 - You need to get GSAK which is free but only costs $10 -- fantastic program !!!!


3 - You need to purchase a mapping program. There are better ones than the one I got - wish I had gotten GSAK first. Others here can help more with the maps. Delorme topo words ok with the file GSAK creates but there is no direct support for my version.


I'd like to here from some people here on the best mapping program that works with GSAK that supports all the features like setting marker type, traill addition, etc. and the costs of those programs.



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Am a premium member and use GSAK. What's the best mapping software out there for the money?

That's a pretty subjective question. There are literally dozens of them My personal preference is for Fugawi. It's feature rich, relatively easy to use (None of the mapping software I've seen has been especially intnative) and works with pretty much every GPS going right now. As well, it will export maps to your PDA! Oziexplorer is another popular one.


Note that both of these packages are front-ends only. THEY DON'T COME WITH MAPS! Both of these applications are in the area of $100, and maps, depending on the quality, the area, and the amount of coverage can add significantly to that.


If at any time in the near future you are considering upgrading to a mapping GPS, you may want to purchase one of the Mapsource products. It works well as a stand-alone mapping application, and will upload/download directly to any Garmin GPSr...

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2 - You need to get GSAK which is free but only costs $10 -- fantastic program !!!!

Actually, it $15 - still no much!




For topo maps I like the NG TOPO! state series - they are the USGS maps scanned together. Very nice GPS interface: upload/download waypoints, live track, download tracks, etc. The maps are out of date for roads for the most part.

I just got their Back Road Explorer. It has maps for the entire USA to 1:100,000 with updated roads. (The state series goes down to 1:24,000.) The price is right too - $39 at Costco.

(I've tried Delorme 3.0, but didn't like the topo database, for me the detail wasn't there or was inaccurate. There are some very nice features to though: 3D map view and such.)


Mircosoft's Streets & Trips is very nice for street navigation. It covers the entire USA & Canada. It's interface is a little trickier, but it does live track (2004 doesn't leave a 'trail', I understand 2005 does). 2004 was $15 at Costco (after rebate), I think 2005 is $5-10 more.


GSAK exports to both map systems.

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Am a premium member and use GSAK. What's the best mapping software out there for the money?

HAY! good for your 2 out of 3 ain't bad!


you can upload maps to the gps from the program that came with the gps but it is not the greatest mapping and certain parts of the countrty is really off.


I like the appearance of Delorme Topo - it is off in some areas also but not bad in general. At least you get the general idea. The interface is not a usual windows interface and I have to keep looking for what I want but it works ok.


If you want to get the Magellan mapping software get Map Send Direct.


You can output a file from GSAK to MSD also.

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