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Geo Coin

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:) I may be in the wrong chat area, but how do I log in a geo coin that I found at the Wisc Geocache picnic a couple of weeks ago?


I have the number from the geo coin.


When I try logging it in to my cache finds log it shows up as an ordinary find Ie: a traditional cache and not as a geo coin find.


Can you help me out???? :):lol:

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If it's an official USA Geocoin, it's just like a travel bug. Pick it up from the cache (or event) you got it at. It should be listed as a travel bug associated with the cache/event.


If it's from a different source, you need to track it on the site which is hopefully listed on the coin.

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Looks like you figured out how to log it.


"First log of a geo coin for pamaham. We had our pix taken and the photgrapher showed us the geo coin #xxxxxx. (Ruth USA Geocoin)"


People on these forums will ALWAYS recommend that you NEVER post a travel bug number on either the bug's page or a cache page. Because you posted that number I or anyone else can now log onto that coin page and mess around with it including logging it as a find. I've actually never considered doing that but you get the picture.


It would be best for you to immediately edit that post to remove the number. The tb owner might beat you to it but they can only delete your entry and then that cool coin will be missing from your profile page. Don't feel alone or badly about this. It happens all the time with new participants.


As far as your second comment on that coin page goes, many people log travel bugs simply by passing them around at events. It has been discussed at great length here and since we are participating in "The Great Experiment" there are no rules to govern this action.


If you check cachers profile pages, starting with people who post to the tb forum, you will eventually find there are many who have reported finding as many as or up to four times as many tb finds as they have cache finds. This is not possible unless you only visit travel bug hotels or pass bugs around at events. You can leave your find log in place for this coin without fear of condemnation.

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