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Bit Test For 60c(cs)

Garmin Guy
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An easier way to find out the version number and many other things is to do an internal BIT test...


PRESS & HOLD ENTER KEY and at the same time POWER UP.....KEEP BOTH BUTTONS PRESSED until test screen appears


Here you can view much technical data such as Voltage supply, Temperature of unit, as well as test buttons, colours, greyscale etc


Anyone got anymore secret button presses?



Hope this helped?

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But as soon as the unit warms up and the processor gets going the temp. will not be accurate anymore. The temp. is internal only but it still would be nice if they made it an option like when you turn it on.


There are no other "secret codes" that I am aware of in Garmins. Except some older models have an emergency memory delete sequence. Mostly used when the feds are on your heels and you need to delete your secret hide out waypoints and such :) Magellans have lots more technical information in there "secret codes"

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