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Is it still not found once you find it?

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My not founds stay, even if I later found it. Even if when I couldn't find it, it wasn't there due to plundering. I went to find a cache, I looked for a while, couldn't find it, went home = not found, even if I find it later.


That's how I do it, I don't think too many people care if you do it differently, I barely care about my found/not found count, I sure don't give a hoot about how other people count theirs. So I think it's up to you.



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Some people erase their not-founds when they find it because they want a 'perfect' record. HELLO! No one is keeping score! There is no 'prize' for having a 'perfect' record of found caches. Even the guys with 2000+ finds leave their not-found logs alone. For once, I agree with BrianSnat, not found logs sometimes have the best stories.


P.S. Don't listen to his sock-puppet accounts though- BrainSnot has nothing useful to add to the discussion



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