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Geocaching.com On Www.lovemarks.com


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:D If so...show it. My fiance' recently worked with a staff member of Lovemarks (a free website where you can post your thoughts on whatever you are passionate about).


Are you passionate about www.geocaching.com? Vote 'love it' or 'lose it'. Also a link to add comments. (most comments are moderated so it takes a day or so for each posting to show. So we can thank HollyByGolly for putting Geocaching on the virtual and world map at Lovemarks.


Lovemarks is also for you favorite consumables, favorite city, favorite entertainer or whatever floats your boat. The Pope is the number one lovemark with over 4,000 votes. Many brands of beer, cars, toys and foods are listed there as well. Toys, cities, non profit organizations and vacations spots....the list goes on and on.


Here's the Geocaching link at Lovemarks.

Go ahead....check it out. Who loves ya, baby?


Night Hawk and Holly by Golly

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