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Garmin Vista $169.98 At Office Max


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Hello All,


Just read an article on another website that makes mention of this deal. I've never seen them less than around $200. Even used ones on ebay go for $200!


Jest go to www.officemax.com and search for garmin etrex vista and it will show you the price. I don't know if this is available in their physical stores or not.


There's also mention of saving even more by getting it at staples and having them pricematch because of a staples policy of beating other stores prices. Sorry, don't know the details. Hope someone else can clarify that aspect.


Wish I had the cash myself or I'd be ordering one now -:lol:



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Hmmm. I'm getting charged sales tax, but not shipping. Must be something about having an Office Max in my area? Mine's scheduled to be here on 9/10, though, and I'm grateful to get the deal.


I just checked the site again and noticed that the Vista is still at 169.98, but the Legend is now at 199.98 and the Venture is at 139.98. When I first looked at the listed prices I'm sure that the Legend and Vista were priced the same. Looks like someone may be wising up to the pricing and may be starting to change it. They now offer a $20 store coupon if you order the Legend at the higher price. Go figure.



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I ordered on the 30th after finding out my local store didn't have any instock.


It shipped on like the 1st IIRC, but delivery date is the 15th!!! I called yesterday to findout WTF since it was 3-7 day delivery time and the lady on the phone thought it was stupid also.


So we'll see, I'm expecting a call tuesday next week with info.

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Thanks for the info!!!!I just ordered one with the $20 coupon...thanks...I will return my Etrex Legend to Bass Pro Shop. It ended up being $21 less for the Vista...


I think someone made a mistake on the website...I called office Max and they said they didn't have the Etrex Vista at their store and the Etrex Legend was $249.99(what a rip off, that is over $70 above MSRP). Their mistake is our gain though :lol:


Thanks again!!!!!!



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I started off with a yellow etrex which was okay, except the etrex line is hard for me to use because the buttons are hard to press. So, I bought an ancient Magellan Map 410, which I love for its ease of use and reliable satellite lock under cover. However, I miss the "countdown" feature in feet to the proximity of a cache that the etrex (and most newer GPS receivers) has. So, here's what I'm gonna do:


I ordered the Vista because of the great deal. My husband sometimes caches with me, and my father-in-law will be arriving in a month or so for an extended visit. I've informed him that I WILL make a cacher out of him, so I'll loan him the Vista while he's here, and my husband can use it, as well, when he comes caching with me.


I'll continue to use my 410, using the Vista only if necessary on approaching the cache.


My son has told me he would like to start caching, but hasn't bought a GPSr yet. Instead, he spends money on beefing up his CRX with a high-performance engine and the like...the horror! From a mom's point-of-view, anyway. Guess what he's getting for Christmas? The yellow etrex (it's like new, after all); maybe it will keep him from street racing. :blink:


Thanks for posting this bargain; the result should make a lot of people happy!

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Hello Guys!


Anyone interested in buying:



GARMIN eTrex Vista C Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS Navigator / 12-Channel WAAS Enabled Receiver / 256-Color

Backlit TFT Display ... more info



NEW RELEASED and the unit is BRAND NEW!


Go check the Features and Price at

=> http://www.garmin.com/products/etrexVistac/

It retails at $428.56 USD


At www.GPSnow, it retails at $399.99

==> http://gpsnow.com/gmetvsc.htm


I'm only selling it for $379.99 - Free Shipping, No Tax.


I have sold 9 units and only one last unit available.


If you are interested, please post reply here and email me at INFORM1000@aol.com


I accept PayPal payment. If you don't feel confident in paying directly,

I can setup a eBay Auction page for you to make the bid using Buy Now.


You can even check my eBay Profile, I'm have 100% good ratings.








Handheld GPS Navigator / 12-Channel WAAS Enabled Receiver / 256-Color Backlit TFT Display


Includes: eTrex unit, PC/USB Interface cable, MapSource Manager CD, lanyard & quick reference guide The eTrex Vista C Handheld GPS is for people who need GPS and waypoint information wherever you go. Many new exciting features make this portable GPS tool more versatile then ever. The 256-color TFT display produces the brightest and most readable display around. The units are completely waterproof and boast a 36-hour Battery life, for maximum usage. All this and more -- adding up to a solid way to survive on the road or in the woods.

256-color, high resolution, reflective TFT screen(176 x 20 pixels)

Set audible alarms for anchor drag, arrival, off-course, proximity waypoint and clock

Built-in American basemap with automatic route map capabilities, including all highways and exits

WAAS enabled, 12-channel parallel GPS Receiver

24MB internal Memory for loading detailed MapSource information

Trip Computer has an odometer, stopped time, moving average, total time, max speed and more

10,000 point automatic track log -- retrace your path in any direction, on up to 20 saved track(with 500 points each)

The eTrex Vista C elevation computer tells users current elevation and ascend/descend rate

Built-in celestial tables give you the best time to fish and hunt, plus times and positions for the sun & moon

Compatible with most MapSource products: BlueChart, City Select, U.S. TOPO 24K and more

Battery life up to 36 hours

Unit Dimensions(WxHxD): 2.2" x 4.2" x 1.2"

Display Size(WxH): 1.3" x 1.7"

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This deal is still good. Just bought a vista with coupon code to replace my 2 week old Legend. Already sold the legend as well. This just keeps getting better and better. Vista C - here I come.

Yeah...I had just bought a Legend 2 weeks ago...luckly it was from Bass Pro Shop and I can still return it :) It cost me $180 w/ tax... I am happy that I got the Vista for only $159 w/ tax... B)

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Well, I've never owned or used a GPS receiver in my life. I was just about to buy the Legend off amazon for 140 shipped when I saw this. Before I could think about whether or not it was a good decision, I ordered it. :huh: Hopefully I won't be sorry.


By the way, I'm new here. Hopefully I'll get to meet you all eventually.



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came home from work today, err 12:16am, i guess last nite, and have a box sitting on my desk. open it aup and my new vista is in there!! :huh:


transfered all my waypoints into it from my legend and am ready to go. however i havent let it track sats yet, so it thinks its in taipei/hong kong, must have come directly from factory.

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I just called customer service at Office Max. The representative informed me that shipments of the Vista would be coming from their vendor in Washington, DC, instead of directly from Office Max. In addition, I was told that, though the information on the status page of my order states delivery will be made in 3-7 business days, that number should actually be 7-14 days. I placed my order on Sept. 6, with an expected delivery date of Sept. 22.


So, it appears that they ran out of physical stock on the Vistas, yet they continue to honor the orders placed, even if it takes a little longer. I can afford to be patient; I have two GPS receivers as it is. I can imagine how frustrating it must be, however, for new cachers waiting on their first GPSr to arrive so they can get out there and start the hunt.

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WOO HOO!! Just ordered mine!! Called it in to get the $30 off (thank you for that code!) Total shipped $146.98, cannot beat that price!! Lady said 3-7 days, but I guess it'll be longer from what you all are saying. That's okay, anxious to get started since this is my first gps. But for that price, I saure can wait another week or so! This gives me time to plan out my route for my first day of cashing. So excited!!

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:huh: I am one happy gal ! My son was going to buy me the eTrex Legend for my Birthday. When I ran across the posts here for the Vista I called Office Max and ordered it......with the coupon code someone had posted the "out the door" price came to 150.83 !!!! Happy Birthday To Me !! I'd like to thank all of you for sharing the info, phone numbers and coupon codes. I've been using my bf's Rino but it will be nice to have one of my very own ! THANKS, and yes, I meant to shout that !
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I sent an email to OfficeMax about the Vista that I ordered 09/03 and part of the email that they sent back is below......... cancellation letters on the way for those of us that ordered later? Sure hope not. :lol:


"I show that item is on backorder at this time. We estimate about 10-14 business days for backorder items. If it goes past the 10-14 days we do not get a more direct timframe, you may also be notified of the cancellation if the item can not be sourced."

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I hope they don't cancel it. I ordered mine on the 7th and it has an estimated delivery date of the 17th. Still says it hasn't shipped yet, though. I called Office Max and the lady said that the units come direct from Garmin and not through any Office Max locations.


Did your estimated delivery date pass before you got any word on the shipment?



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