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Danish Geocachers: Help Needed!


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Every year around 45 girls from all over the world gather to the "Camp Rising Sun / Europe" near Stendis in Denmark. This year my sister was in this camp and, while visiting her, our parents went to do some geocaching. The campers came up with the idea to make their own cache in a very special place. During the last two camps, they have been renovating an old electrical tower (art project) and making it into a "Peace Tower" - a symbol of peace. The idea is that people coming past it would drop by, read the nice words on the walls, glimpse the pictures the girls drew and, surely, be touched by the idea of peace.


The problem is that when somebody suggested placing the cache in the Peace Tower, my parents with their GPS unit had already left and there was no one to take the coordinates. My big big plea to all danish geocachers or any GPS users who pass by is: PLEASE CHECK THE COORDINATES OF THE TOWER and send them to me (arco.iris@takas.lt). Next year when the girls gather to CRS/E, maybe they will make a cache which will help to spread their idea and attract visitors to the Peace Tower.


There are some pictures of PT in here: http://photobucket.com/albums/v393/Peacetower/


And there on the map is the approximate location of the PT. NOT THE STAR! The tower is to the left of Ryde, on Hvolbaekvej (zoom level 9). We're not sure whether the tower is currently open, it may be locked. If you decide to help us and need additional information, reply to this and we'll try to answer all the questions.


P.S. If you want, you can even create the cache yourself :rolleyes: Please inform us about it as the campers might want to add something of their own to the cache.

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