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Suction Mount For 60 Cs


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You probably already know this.... I'd return it and buy one of the RAM mounts. Expensive yes, but I had visions of my 60C falling off the window... Not good.


I bought one with the locking suction mount and aluminum arm from gpscity.com for $39, well worth it in my opinion. I'll try to post a pic.





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Suction Mount ... can't seem to get it to stick on my car's windshield. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Yup. Here are the secret of successful suction mountings, in excruciating detail:


- Figure out excatly where you want the mount.


- Clean the desired glass area with rubbing alcohol.


- Completely wet the glass and the suction cup. *


- Press just the suction mount (without the GPS on it) where you want it.


- Towel or sponge dry the mess you made in the surrounding area.


- Don't put the GPS into the mount for a few hours, don't even touch it.


* I think this is the step most people miss - they try to get by without making a mess and use too little water, just on the suction cup.

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...locking suction mount and aluminum arm ... $39, well worth it...


I have to disagree. I got a cheap, generic suction mount for $10 at a hardware store about two years ago. It's never fallen off the windshield. Nor have any of my GPSs fallen out of its grip.


I see these things often in various cheap discount merchandisers, labeled "Universal Phone Mount" or "Euro-Style Phone Mount", for pretty much the same $10-$15. Radio Shack has (or used to have) the same item under p/n 17-552.


Aside from being cheap, it really is almost universal - you don't need a different cradle for every gadget you might want to mount.


Here's a picture. I couldn't get a good shot of it in the car, so I brought it inside and stuck it on top of the TV set. It still isn't a good picture, but it's the best I could do.



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Did that make your suction mount jiggle? :P


I kn ow what you meant about jiggle though - unless you have something with a pretty solid frame, it's gonna move around a lot on a bumpy road.


On the other hand, I've never had a problem with letting the mounted unit rest against some part of the dash. If it's not on the dash fairly close to me, I can't reach the buttons!

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I had a suction mount myself and it always would fall off the glass . Then i bought a garmin stick on dash mount for my civic which does

not have a flat dash and its darn solid with the temporary stick on pad

since i cant figure out how to put a pic here i cant show you good luck Larry

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