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New Website Coming In January

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Several people will be starting our own Geocaching Website with more user friendly tools and less government or local rules and regs. We will make it web based window technology of click and open. Those who would like to join in discussion on how we want to set it up, please feel free to contact me at thomas.johnson@qwest.com.


I just realized this Groundspeak is coming too complicated and political. Our website will be user friendly, non-partisan or political, and open for any type of caches. No money will ever be asked of any participant, in fact any money made through sales of odds and ends or tags will be given back to the participants.


Looking forward to this grand adventure.




Thomas Johnson






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less government or local rules and regs

I hate to burst your bubble, but Groundspeak didn't invent the govenrment and local rules. They just choose to follow them. Following the rules is not a bad thing. Best of luck on your site. Sounds like a real challenge.



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