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Fall Geocaching Murder Mystery Event


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Fall Geocaching Murder Mystery Event


I was thinking of putting together a Cache Murder Mystery picnic where people play a caching personality or character and have goals to complete while eating and chatting with others in the game. The ultimate goal would be to discover the cache pirate and who commited the cache murder!


Any interest? :P


Could host it at a park, rent a victorian hall etc. Would be for sometime in November or early December. :D

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Nice - pulling the kids out of school in Nov for Disney...
There's not much school (at least public) in New Jersey during November (Veterans Day, NJEA Convention, Thanksgiving, half days for parent conferences, Election Day [i am not certain if anyone gets that off anymore though]).


As for the Murder Mystery idea, sounds interesting. If you take it south, you could incorporate it around this cache. That might make it fun!

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Hi folks,


Although I'm probably not able to attend an event in your area in November, I wanted to post to make you aware of Cloak and Dagger: The Amethyst Murder, a murder mystery event cache being held on September 11th in the Cleveland area. The buzz for this event has been *incredible* and I will be participating as part of the Keystone Kops team with CCCooperAgency and SBUX. You may want to get in touch with the organizers, Serenity Now and Finding Fraggle Rock. Or, I'd be delighted to offer a report and any suggestions/helpful tips that I pick up after attending this event.

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The Cleveland event sounds like a blast. I would love a report.


To answer someone's question:

You WILL need a costume, you have to dress to look like a geocacher, I'm sure people have some sort of geocaching clothes lying around somewhere :o


Format would be as each person arrives they will be able to select a 'character' (this will be a sheet with the traits and goals of the cacher, plus their cache. Every character will have sub-plots such as solving puzzle cachers, finding out who the Essex County ad-min is (another person at the event). Bribing other cachers, finding travel bugs, bribing admins and trying to get guidelines changed, getting caches approved etc. Ultimately, people will also try to discover who 'killed' the cache. There will be a cache pirate on the loose too.


When you talk to or meet a person you can log their 'cache'.

Travel bugs will feature with goals. (not sure if i want to make the children attending the travel bugs yet!). The currency will be WG$ which characters can use to blackmail, bribe, swindel and coerce other chacters to achieve goals. :(


Not sure on the location yet. If anyone has ideas. There would also be a raffle for geocaching prizes.



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Can people post character personality ideas?


Such as:


Name: George Launders

Experience: newbie

Cache Type: WG trading post

Personal: Collects as many WG$ as he can


Name: Rocky Crevice

Experience: pro

Cache Type: hiking ammo can

Personal: Likes hiking and placing caches among boulders


Name: Loopy Jack

Experience: veteran

Cache Type: mulit loop

Personal: Enjoys loop trails



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