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should geocaching have a official FRS/HAM/CB/ETC CH AND PL


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I think he is saying should Geocachers use a standard channel when geocaching if using one of those radio types.


Might be a nice way to occasionally meet with new cachers if we all standardized on the same channel for each radio type.


I personally would vote against using FRS channel one, because there are lots of people who never ever take their radios off ch 1. On the other hand, some cheap radios only get channel 1.


ditto for CB ch 19. It has a lot of other uses, I think we would want some channel that has less traffic.

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I'd like to see a frequency or channel listed on each band for each cache. Since many people are not familliar with ham frequencies, or with FRS/GMRS channels the best way I can think of to impliment this is to have dropdown boxes for each radio type and a default freq/channel that is not the national hailing or emergency frequency. This would be some extra work for Jeremy, if he's willing.


If the placer of a new cache wanted to they could look up the caches closest to their cach and match their frequency/channel, just to encourage meeting new members of the community.



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146.520mhz calling vhf

146.540mhz main vhf

146.560mhz secondary vhf

frs1-0 calling frs

frs5-5 main frs

frs6-16 secondary frs

cb13am/ssb main cb

cb19am calling cb

cb21am/ssb secondary cb

446.000mhz calling uhf

446.500mhz main uhf

447.800mhz secondary uhf #1

447.850mhz secondary uhf #2

----------------- icon_eek.gif




73s from kd7mxi



146.520 simplex

frs-1 no pl

cb-19 am


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I love the idea. I have both portable CB and a few FRS radios. Let pick a channel and give it a try. I don't think there is much chance but I will start carrying my FRS radio. It doesn't eat batteries and is pretty small and light. If you guy can come up with a channel I will give it a try.



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