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Need Road Trip Advice

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Hey All - I'm headed on a long road trip (from Massachusetts to Montana and back to Pennsylvania) and really want to do some caching along the way.


I have EasyGPS, but I'm very overwhelmed with trying to figure out what caches to download. I'll be passing through probably 10 different states (making sure to see Devil's Tower in Wyoming).


Any advice on how to figure out the best method for getting caches to my GPS. I have an eTrex Legend, so I can store like 500 of them, just where to start and how to figure it out?


Help Please!


Has anyone done this, or tried it? If you have any words of wisdom - please share.



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are you a paid member?


If not do so - only $30 for a year or $3 for one month <blatant plug!>


If so get the free software GSAK -


Get pocket queries for different areas along the road -


load them into different data bases -


pick one close to the road and set that as 'home' and sort on distance -

you can then pick the caches you want to search by type and distance from the road


This may take some time - you have to figure out where you want to stop and spend time caching - then you have to generate a one-time pq for that area - the database work won't take a lot of time but may be tedius. When you are done sorting you can pick the ones you want to search for (check the logs to be sure they are not lost) then print the sheets if that is what you do - and upload the caches to your gps - if you use a pda upload the pages to the pda.

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Not being very geeky, I simply opened mapsource, set up my route for my trip to Florida. I picked interesting looking towns along the way, or places I had to go anyway, and did a search for the zip code of each town and a 5 miles radius search for caches for each town. Then I printed up the cache pages I wanted to do, stuck them each in a plastic file holder, for each state (didn't have the palm figured out yet) wrote the state name on the plastic covers - chose only caches that were of a rating I had time to do, used easy GPS to upload all the wayoints and hours later I was good to go. But now I am going to go to http://www.geocacher-u.com/ and learn all I need to learn to make the palm work for me and go paperless.

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I'm leaving tomorrow on a 11 state and 2 canadian province trip... I was supposed to leave today but packing/preparing for a 2+ month trip is taking a bit longer than expected. I have posted some info in the first few logs at My Webpage which details what software and hardware I am using to do this. If your interested I plan to keep that log updated each day from the road using my camera phone and my web server. The key as others have already stated is becoming a member and downloading GPX files, this is the bare minimum necessary to get started in my opinion. I also have used the technique outlined here to create the 18 separate pocket queries I am using. See a map of my route and geocaches Here. Ideally you would go paperless and use a PDA for at least storing cache pages. Or you could go all gung ho like me and add turn-by-turn voice prompting mapping with integration of caches on the mapping software using a PDA in conjunction with GPSr and Mapopolis. I also use G7toCE to upload/download waypoints to solve the 500wpt limit problem of my GPSr. I talk all about this in more depth on my website listed above.


Hope that is some help. Good Luck, If you have more questiongs you will have to ask the rest of these guys because I'm heading out tomorrow for the Great White North.

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