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Windows XP and Easy GPS


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I converted to XP pro before I got started in Geocaching, and all of the software I've been using, including Easy GPS has had no issues running under the XP environment. I've never needed a patch or workaround.


Hope this helps!



Team Bradinn


"When I was a young man, I journeyed to the West to find myself......it turns out I had the wrong coordinates."

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I downloaded EasyGPS to a machine running Windows XP Home Edition. Works just fine.

I did have a hardware problem with the GPS interface. I had to re-set my serial port for the interface to work properly.

But that was a set-up problem, not a software problem. Are you having problems with your interface???

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The only problem I have had is when I double click on a loc file in some folders (I keep different states in different folders) it says it cant find the file. They will open just fine if I open Easy GPS and then open them through the program. Other folders the double clicking opens Easy GPS.

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