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West Tn Geocoin


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Hey primo.. still around though I haven't posted lately. Tracking doesn't matter so much to me either, but numbered would be cool. GOWT works for me, but I hope my feet don't start to hurt. It would put a real damper on my caching. :anitongue: Like I said before, just let me know when you need the cache?? cash?? Getting my homonyms confused here... lol

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:lol: Hey everyone. I just got word today. We have a back side of the coin. It will be sponsored by travelertags.com. We will have their logo from keenpeople.com and then tracking from travelertags.com. YIPPEEEEE. This has taken much longer than I had ever expected. When I get the proofs on the coins back (hopefully tomorrow) I will post a link so everyone can view them. At that time, I will pay the 150 to start the die process and then get the order for 500 set up. This will be around 1300 bucks or so. I am going to pay it and then let everyone know what the individual price is. I will make sure my PayPal account is set up right and let everyone know the details. Thanks for the patience. I think everyone will like the coin. So far, we have color, Tracking, a cool logo and GOWT ;) . Pictures to follow.


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Okay everybody. We are REALLY close. Here is the next to the last proof on the West Tennessee Geocoin. They have the webpage to link to the tracking misspelled.


I really like the look of the coin. If this link works, check out the coin and let me know. Pricing to follow soon. Should be below 2.75 per coin but I'll know more when I finalize the proof.


GOWT-Geocachers of West Tennessee


If I ever learn how to put pics in my posts it would be easier. ;)

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:rolleyes: Okay, so I'm not crazy. I keep trying to upload it from my hard drive. Sure, linking to a web site would be easier. I want to upload it from my picture files. My head hurts. Paid the $150 bucks this week. they are working on the sample coin and then we will begin production.
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Can't wait! I'm ready to order when you're ready to take the cache...er...I mean cash! Have you done a rough count of how many orders you expect to have? I mean, is there any danger that you'll sell out the whole first 500 immediately? I'm thinking about 30-35 myself, depending upon the final price.

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Have you done a rough count of how many orders you expect to have?  I mean, is there any danger that you'll sell out the whole first 500 immediately?  I'm thinking about 30-35 myself, depending upon the final price.

That's a good idea! When the WA State geocoin was in the works, they were thinking that 500 will be more than enough. The final order was for 1300 coins!! :rolleyes:

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:lol: Okay, unless something changes that is unforeseen (big word and probably misspelled). The coins should be ready first of January or so. Here's the breakdown of the price ($2.85 per coin).

2.15 per coin

.40 for tracking number

.30- this is $150 die fee divided by the 500 coins


2.85 per coin.


This does not include shipping. Everyone help me out here. Not sure how much they will weigh and I haven't done much shipping. I will be happy to charge the actual shipping/handling but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.


I have a paypal account- if I can figure out how to get money out of it.

payment should go to mprimeaux@jpc-pa.com at paypal.


I am taking the first 20 coins. So the next 480 are up to grabs.


As you can see, there is NO markup on the coins. If you would like, any donation to www.travelertags.com would be nice as well as they are providing the tracking.




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Mike, I just sent my PayPal payment. This should be good for about 30 coins, plus priority mail shipping (2 pounds in a 6x6x6 inch box is about $4.00). If it's more, just deduct a few coins. If it's less, keep the change, you've put a lot of time into this. I appreciate it. One favor...I assume the coins are numbered 1-500? I want coin number 357. Any numbers before or after are fine, I just want that number, if you don't mind!



Steve Spencer

Alias Spencersb

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I'm getting everyone's paypal notifications. I'll post here when the coins are all gone. So far, there are 320 left (or so). I have looked at other geocoin site. These folks are ripping people off!!! The Canada Geocoin is almost 6 bucks! If a little no one like me can get a coin made for 2.85, these guys are making a huge profit margin (almost 50% from every coin). I may be niave and not realize they have mucho, mucho overhead but I think they're sticking it to folks. Just a layman's observation.


When sending payment by PayPal, please include enough for shipping. If not, I will likely deduct from the amount of coins. Thanks again, Mike :o

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:lol::lol: Well, I got the sample coin in the mail today. I am pretty happy with the look of it. They are going to begin minting the 500. Keep the orders coming.

So far, about 220 are sold. Let's get about 250 or so more ordered and I'll be very happy. Thanks to everyone placing their orders and such.


If I can ever figure out the way to put a picture up here, I'll get it! :D




:lol: I can't believe I actually did that. I've been trying to figure that out for months!!!

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How much are people adding?

It varies based on how many coins you are ordering. It looks like the folks that have ordered coins before are saying $10 should cover 3 coins and shipping. Like I've said many times, I have no idea. I'm just hoping it will be a wash. Some will short me a little, others will give a little extra. I just want to get this coin out there.



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How much are people adding?


Those of us that are anal-retentive need to know how much to include.  ;)

I sent $19 for my 5, so that comes out to just a bit under $1 for each coin.


If I remember correctly they charged 75 cents per coin for the Washington coins, I just added a bit extra to help cover for someone who may not be able to give as much.

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