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1862 Bm 1st Recovery


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Found a BM today(MZ2040) that was placed in 1862 with no recovery listed until today. The iron bolt had rusted out but the I found the drill hole The coords were off a bit. The altitude was right on. Got BM's in three different states today but I had to hike 13 miles to do it. Every one was on a mountain over 2100 ft above sea level.

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I'd post the pictures but I'm such a computer idiot I don't know how. If someone would let me know how to do it in real basic layman's terms I'd upload some.


This is a congratulations from me. That must have been a great feeling when you discovered that one!


John has his own way of telling you how great that find was. :o He only tells people to 'go sit in the truck' (a long standing joke that started in a rock hounding club) who he thinks found something really special, it is the best praise you could receive from him.


Here is a link to a thread that explains how to post a picture on the forums.


Try this out.


Now just post a picture here for all of us to see....



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Wow! That's really awesome!


I wish there were some around here that could match the age of those out here on the left coast. I haev trouble finding marks from as recently as the 1940s or even the 1960s as they are rapidly being paved over. :o


Most of the real oldies (i.e. 1800s) around here were placed on or near the coast which is prime real estate .

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The bound mark was nowhere to be found. I spent some time looking for the bolt and the bound mark just to make sure that the hole was the mark. There is another unrecorded 1862 mark about a mile from this one but the area is covered with grass and it's a seven inch deep hole in ledge. Wildbird and myself are going back to get it when he has time.

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