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Silver Mine Group Hike

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Not sure Joe, but you can wait in the parking lot and call us on the radio. Probably 2 hours.

That might work out perfectly. I'll plan on getting there around 10:30 or so. If you end up being a little later we'll go grab the closest cache and come back. 99.999% sure we'll see you tomorrow!!


edit: I'm 9.99% sure now. Cryin' out loud! Someone make up my mind!!! I guess I'll just decide what I'm doing whebn I wake up.

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Anyone have an ETA for when you'll be getting to the parking lot after the first 5 caches? Might try and join you for the second half but things are still up in the air.

If we go at the same pace Quoddy and I went out, we'll be back to the parking lot around 3 hrs 15 mins after we start. Assuming we start at 9, that puts us back to the lot around noon time.


If you do decide to meet us, and you need something to do before we get there, do the 1st cache on our list which is GC50EE which is .2 miles or so on the left as you enter the parking lot. If you still have more time, hike up the ski slope directly in front of you as you enter the parking lot and find GC992E and wait for us there as it's the cache we do before heading down the slope to the parking lot.


Hope to see you there tomorrow. And I hope you're not coming late because you didn't want to drive with Squealy! :D



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Buy stocks in Chattem, makers of ICYHOT. I think I've gone through three tubes already this morning. :lol:


It was a great hike! Enjoyed the whole day. Sorry we had to duck out for the last two but my son had reached his limit. Rather than ruin the potential for a future StayFloopy type legend, we decided to pull out as he had been a great trooper to that point.


I posted our path in both arial and topo format on the Silver Mine (GC50EE) log. Doesn't include The Lurker and Silvermine Overlook but gives a good sense of the day.


Thanks again Avroair.

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