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Silver Mine Group Hike


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Hey there, I am planning a group hike for Harriman - Silvermine area.

Friday September 3rd or Saturday September 4th. 12 caches in all not too strenuous.


1 - silver mine - GC50EE


3 - fl_4Xe - GCB866

4 - Shelters of Harriman: William Brien Memorial - GCHVWH

5 - Ski Lift - GC992E

6 - What's This - GC9CEE

7 - Yellow Trail Cache - GC4F60

8 - Hippo Rock - GCJWNJ

9 - Shelters of Harriman: Stockbridge - GCHVWM

10 - The Cave - GC9C5A

11 - Silvermine Overlook - GCFB9B

12 - The Lurker at the Threshold - GCHBNF


But will take most of the day. Anybody in? Chime in about the date too?

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I vote for Saturday but that's my blue collar making me vote that way. It looks like that list of caches would be a 2 pronged out and back instead of a loop since some of those are on the east side of the lake. If that's the case, then I'd go with you on the east half since I hit the NE side of the lake. Unless you have a specific route planned. Either way if you go Saturday, I'll meet up with you somewhere. Did I mention I was voting for SATURDAY? <_<

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Here's a snapshot of almost the same loop Quoddy and I did this past weekend. There are 2 difference from Avroair's list.


The 1st difference is the Cranberry cache which is the top left and added about 2 miles to the loop. The planned loop would, from the shelter, go back along the trails to near Lake Nawahunta where you can take a short hike to The Cave up a woods road. The Cranberry cache could be attempted at a later date off a parking lot to the north.


The 2nd difference is after The Cave, we made an extra trip back to the lot before heading to the Silvermine Overlook and Lurker cache because Quoddy and I forgot our flashlight. Instead you would probably bushwhack from The Cave to the Silvermine cache, though you can certainly head back to the parking area along the trails and bushwack the .11 mi up the hill as we did.


If I have no plans when this group hike is happening, I'll try to tag along.



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Saturday sounds good,are dogs ok to go?

Dogs will love it! I let the REAL Quoddy off after we crossed the bridge enroute to "Ski Trail" and left him off until we were coming down from "Ski Lift". Then let him back off once we were well clear of the road enroute to "Yellow Trail" and only put him back on when were getting back near the road again.


The area is GREAT! Especially good views enroute to and at fl4Xe. If for some reason someone doesn't want to do all 12, it's an easy bail out after #6 "What's This?" or after #10 "The Cave". Remember that you are going to go past your vehicle between #5 and #6 so don't carry everything for the entire trek from the start (as I did). You can even get a cold drink or two from your cooler when you're passing by. Have fun!

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Hey, Joe, it's your turn to drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either Squealy meant it's JMBella's time to drive them both to NJ (from LI) or Squealy thinks we're going to the last place we had a group hike which is a completely different request altogether :P



I assure you, Dave, my request has NOTHING to do with the "festivities" that surrounded the location of the last group hike.


I drove TO the ribs night in Jersey - I didn't do any driving IN Joe, whoops I mean Jersey. :D

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I'd like to join, but unfortunately I'm one of those pesky non-car-owning NYC dwellers... and it's a loooong walk up from the city! There are some conveniently placed Metro-North stations on the east bank of the Hudson on the way to the bridge - is there any chance that someone passing that way might be willing to stop at one of them and give me a ride for the rest of the way?


Hmm, though if that picture's any indication, I might not have a sufficiently elaborate hat to join along! :unsure:

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The Short Line Bus (212-736-4700) is the best public transportation for Harriman. There is a bus that leaves the north wing of the Port Authority terminal at 8:15 and arrives in Sloatsburg at 9:12. A hundred yards up Rt 17 from where the bus drops you off is the junction of Rt 17 and Seven Lakes Drive, most people will have to drive by this spot. Just hold out a sign saying Geocache. :huh:

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It's Naproxen - 500MG.


I think the knee strap helped too. It helps prevent the tendon from rubbing as you move. Hasn't hurt me in weeks now though I've still taken one of the pills before a hike and wear the knee strap. Go to a Dr (mine was a sports medicine MD) and get something for it. They also told me to ice my knee when I'm done for 20 mins, but I didn't do it as they told me all this after I started feeling better.


It's such a pleasure now walking 15 miles and no pain whatsoever again. But hey, I'll carry ya if that's what it takes. The terrain was pretty flat anyway, so no major downhills which I think is where, like me, you felt it more in the knee.

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Dave - what trails/roads did you take? I want to read up on them in the Harriman book I just bought.

We started out in the parking lot by Silvermine Lake. We didn't have to pay, but there's a booth there so be prepared for $6 parking if someone is there.


We walked along the water a very short way to the 1st cache. We bushwhacked to the road and hopped on the SilverMine Ski Road to the 2nd cache.


Continue on the Ski Road to the Appalachian Ramapo Dunderberg ® (W) trail and the Cache Ninja cache. Backtracked staying on the same trail to the 1st Shelter cache.


We then headed north on the Yellow Memomine trail and caught a woods road and then bushwhacked to the Ski Left cache. That's actually at the top of the hill from the parking lot. You then walk down the ski trail back to the parking lot.


From there we followed the Yellow trail through the picnic area to the Virtual cache and then cross over 7 Lakes Drive continuing on the Yellow trail to the Yellow Trail cache. Continue a little farther on the Yellow trail until it intersects the Long Path. Make a left (south west) a little bit to get the Hippo cache and then backtrack and cross over the yellow trail staying on Long Path to the other Shelters cache.


Then backtrack back to the yellow and back towards the parking area and pick up the Nawahunta Fire Road where The Cave cache is right near the intersection of the Yellow trail and the Fire Road.


From there, we can either take the yellow back to the parking area and a short bushwhack up the hill to the Silvermine Overlook cache or bushwhack from The Cave. It's only about .12 mi from the parking lot and if I recall about a .4 mile bushwhack from The Cave.


From Silvermine Overlook it's another easy bushwhack (staying at the same altitude) to The Lurker and the only one I haven't found. We then take a sort of path, sort of bushwhack back to 7 lakes drive and walk along the road back to the parking area.



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You can use these to get you close. It's right off Seven Lake Drive with a little guard stand at the entrance. Hopefully no kid in the guard stand collecting $6 tomorrow morning


N41 17.740 W74 03.550


The parking lot is pretty big - 3 or 4 tiers for parking going to both sides once you enter. As you pull in, look up the hill and that's the ski slope we come down from after cache 5. As you pull in the 1st cache is off to the left and the 6th cache is off to the right. The 11th cache is right behind you on the other side of the road.

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I will be there and maybe my 7 year old son . Can some one tell me the milage and terrain .

If he's not used to hiking, I don't know if your son can do the entire loop. I'd guestimate it around 10 miles or so. Not killer terrain, but one or two areas will be a bit rougher but it's not a killer hike.


Also, we head back right to the parking area after 5 caches so if it's getting to much you can call it a day at that point.

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