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Auto Routing City Select With 60cs

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Okay, I've got a new challenge I haven't seen explained on this forum:

Okay, it's not for Geocaching this time... it's for my motorcycle. Here's the issue. I painstakingly plan a route finding all sorts of quiet roads on my computer using City Select 5.0. I then transfer this route to my 60CS running version 3.5. Now on the GPS, select route, select the ride, it then re-calculates the route! I don't want it to! I have set the routing settings on the GPS to avoid highways, still doesn't work (sometimes it avoids them, sometimes it doesn't). So....


Is there a way to export a route planed in City select from my computer to the 60CS WITHOUT allowing the gps to recalculate the route?


I know the GPS is trying to be helpful, and I normally LOVE this auto calculation feature. But how do you stop too much of a good thing?

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