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Cache Trasher On The Loose!


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I stopped by my MI Mission caches today to find that someone had muggled the first stage to part one, (only a cacher would do this since it was altered with thought and the note replaced by a different printout).


Inspecting each mission I found all the keytags were taken out of each cache. So either someone got really lucky and muggled the lot, a cacher completed the series with out logging it and took all the keytags or someone who had done them went back and muggled them.


Please refrain from this. I will have to replace them all now and will have to archive them all if it happens again. I prefer not to spend my evenings replacing cache stages.



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Wow! Sorry to hear about the trouble...I have been reading the forum threads about these caches, and even looked at the listing (although they are out of my current caching area). I hope that the person satisfied their needs, and will leave the caches alone in the future.


I look forward to coming down and doing these and other caches in your area sometime in the future.



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I have to agree with what has been said, this could only have been done by someone who has already done these. The caches in this series are not just drive and dump caches, they require a bit of work (some more than others) so there is no chance someone just stumbled on it and plundered it. If that were the case, the other caches in this series would be fine and according to Mark, ALL the keycodes have been removed. Grrrrr


I left you a message on your mobile, if you would like any help whether it be replacing information or patrolling with Louie, let me know :lol:


Kar of TS!!

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Well you can be sure it wasn't me. After two attempts and two sets of clues, I still haven't found any of them. :lol:


But I can relate. I think someone has muggled my TRL Further Along cache twice as I've gone through two sets of containers and contents. Just this week, I received another email that the contents were wet and spilled out around the cache site. It really gets you steamed! :o

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